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Alec William Campbell; the last Anzac - Leaders of Anzacs

BBC Bitesize - What was it like in a World War One trench?

The McCullough Anzacs – Three brothers in World War 1
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Anzac Officers Died at Gallipoli: Names Index U - V - W - Y

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; "For many hours during the day we could hear heavy artillery and machine gun fire on our right flank." "We were told it was the Anzac Mounted Division in action". "We were beginning to think it was our lucky day as the shadows were lengthening". "I heard some remark: 'its getting too late now to do anything'. "Just as we were beginning to congratulate ourselves on our good fortune, the order was given, B Squadron all pack horses to the rear, remainder prepare for action etc.". "We had heard that order many times before and knew what it meant". "A tingling feeling ran down my spine. 'Wind up', I suppose, but we were too busy getting things ready to worry much". "Then came the order B Squadron mount", and we were on the way to what!

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