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are based on faulty baseline statistics for prewar childhood mortality in Iraq)." []

Aug 16, 1991 · IT'S been a year since Iraq invaded ..

No-Fly Zone Warning Leaflets to Iraq Continued

1991 April - UN-approved haven established in northern Iraq to protect the Kurds
This is also the first leaflet that specifically targets ground-to-ground missile systems. The meaning was made clear just one day later when Coalition aircraft used precision-guided weapons to target a mobile surface-to-surface missile system near Al Basrah. The strike occurred after Iraqi forces moved the mobile missile system within range of Coalition forces in Kuwait. The warplanes attacked an Astros-2 ground rocket launcher, which has a range of up to 56 miles. Such systems can fire volleys of rockets, a deadly threat to ground forces and armor.

How was Iraq affected by the invasion in 1991

After reading comments from people in Iraq and those who are in contact with them, and seeing the results from this poll, I only hope that the anti-war protestors can sleep well at night.


In March 1991, following Iraq’s defeat in the Gulf war, ..

Must not be easy after all the noise you made about keeping these people under tyrannical rule.
I believe the people who criticized the war are the same people who criticized the US for "deserting the Shias and leaving them for slaughter by Saddam" in 1991.

The message of the leaflets was powerful and direct. One showed a battlefield montage, in which heavily armed Coalition troops protected by gas masks and MOPP suits attacked unprotected Iraqi soldiers, choking and falling through a haze of poison gas that had been dispensed by their own military. The leaflet also featured an actual photograph of a dead Kurdish mother clutching her dead infant - victims of the nerve gas Saddam had used against his own citizens in 1988. The Arabic text on the front read: "Nobody benefits from the use of weapons of mass destruction." The back of the leaflet carried a warning: "Any unit that chooses to use weapons of mass destruction will face swift and severe retribution by Coalition forces. Unit commanders will be held accountable if weapons of mass destruction are used."

lacks mechanism to accurately track troops wounded in Iraq

In addition to leaflets and radio, American cyber-warfare specialists waged an e-mail campaign directed at Iraq's political, military, and economic leadership. The recipients were urged to break with Saddam Hussein's government. The Pentagon also announced that calls were made to the cell-phones of specially selected officials inside Iraq.

Operation Desert Storm: 25 Years Since the First Gulf …

A new leaflet was dropped that encouraged Iraqi military forces to desert their weapons, go "absent without leave," and return to their families. This leaflet appears to be premature at this time since there has been no invasion of Iraq, no "fog of war" with displaced persons roaming the countryside, one would expect that such actions would lead to an immediate courts martial and possible death penalty. The front of the full-color leaflet shows an Iraqi solder at the left and a group of soldiers at the right. In the center we can just make out what appears to be a dead Iraqi Soldier. Text is, "Do not risk your life - and the lives of your comrades." The back of the leaflet shows a young boy in school at the left, and a family at the right. Text is "Leave now and go home - Watch your children learn, grow and prosper."

On January 16, 1991, President George H

Let's not let them down.
I am not justifying war or any attacks done in Iraq, but it is important for people to understand that in any change for better, there must be a pain.

Here's What Life In Iraq Was Like Under Saddam …

At the same time on 1 March, the United States European Command headquartered in Germany reported dropping 240,000 leaflets over northern Iraq near the city of Mosul at about 0845. The aircraft flew from Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. This was the first use of leaflets in the north of Iraq. The Operation Northern Watch aircraft dropped a leaflet, code number IZD-007, which is similar to the "Iraqi ADA Beware " (IZD-006). However, this leaflet was in full color and now showed bright red flames at the site of the missile tracking system.