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This Is (Not) A Love Worth Dying For

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Is there anything in this world really worth dying for
Languages contain treasuries of ideas and philosophies, too. I am studying classical written Tibetan, another endangered language. It is a language created solely to express Buddhist thought. It's beautiful foundations and architecture are well worth committing to memory. Like the Lilliputians, we always see farther when standing on the giant's shoulders.

Protecting the ones you love is something totally worth dying for.

Sounds nice and gives you a warm feeling in your heart. Well it shouldn't! Many things that we claim are way off base and do more harm to people spiritually than they do good. The thought that God thought we were worth dying for makes us feel good, but is it biblical? NO!


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Worth Dying For,
When we think we deserve or are worth God's love, we end up belittling sin. We can read the above passage and sign that God though we were worth dying for even while we were still sinners, but we miss the point. We miss the idea that sinners are worthless, they are unlovable. Our self-worth gets in the way of understanding God's love for us.

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God planned out our salvation before creating us, yet already knowing how evil we would be. This says volumes about Him, not us, at least not in a good way about us. God did not send Jesus to die for us because of us, but rather because of Him. Not because we were worth it, but rather because of who He is and His love for the unlovable!

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Does that sound like we were worth dying for? God had already planned out our salvation before He created us, and what Adam did and what his children did was not a surprise to God. God uses human language to show us things that we could not otherwise understand, so He tells us that He was grieved by the evil in the world and that He was grieved that He created us. But don't take that to mean that God was surprised or thought He had made a mistake, He is just showing us how bad we are and how badly He hates our sin. But don't miss the point, He didn't look down and see how much we were worth!

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I am not against a healthy self image or self-worth, but we take it way too far. This brings me to the title of this article. A couple of weeks ago I was driving past a church and on their sign outside was this: Are you worth dying for? God thought so!

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What difference does any of this make? After all if believing they were worth dying for brings people to a knowledge of God, isn't that a good thing? Well the problem is I don't believe it will bring people to a saving knowledge of God but rather stand in their way.

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We help him by teaching self-love (self-esteem). We tell people that life is about being happy, so of course when they aren't happy they think life isn't worth living any longer. It is just a short step from thinking life isn't worth living to, ending your life. We even go so far as to tell people that to truly love God they have to first love themselves, and in the process we do Satan's work for him.