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Lady Macbeth is one of the perfect examples of the total corruption power and ambition can cause.

Lady Macbeth was manipulative and overpowering in their relationship.

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The reader should see Macbeth as a great man whose ambition for security leads to his downfall.
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Lady Macbeth sees the potential for his ambition to be great, but knows he will do nothing with it, so she plans it all for him; all he has to do is stab Duncan.

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The main character, Macbeth has ambition even though it leads him to his downfall.
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Many people have different opinions and interpretations to this play; A.C Bradley once wrote “Lady Macbeth is the most commanding and perhaps the most awe-inspiring figure that Shakespeare drew.


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Lady Macbeth acts as Macbeth’s superior while the murder of Duncan occurs....
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Ophelia, who is Laertes's sister, Polonius's daughter, and Hamlet's lover, is seen as submissive and innocent while Macbeth's wife, Lady Macbeth, is displayed as ruthless and corrupting.

Fanny Kemble in "Lady Macbeth" refers to the ambition of Lady Macbeth: [.
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This tragedy narrates the tale of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s quest to grasp ultimate power by ignoring their morals and succumbing to their dark desires, which ultimately leads to their downfall....

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Macbeth has a very clear and definite downfall and he also has the power to draw the pity and attention of the audience which classifies him as a tragic hero....

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(Mendham) This play is considered a tragedy because the protagonist of the play, Macbeth, will suffer a terrible downfall as the result of his actions.

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In "Memoranda: Remarks on the Character of Lady Macbeth," Sarah Siddons mentions the ambition of Lady Macbeth and its effect: [Re "I have given suck" (1.7.54ff.)] Even here, horrific as she is, she shews herself made by ambition, but not by nature, a perfectly savage creature....

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Lady Macbeth is a woman who is not mentally strong enough to commit a murder but is mentally capable of persuading someone into committing the crime for her.

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Many scandals, both historic and current, can be linked to greed, ambition, and abuse of power. Typically, the key figures are motivated by, and are inevitably destroyed by, ambition. This is also the case in Macbeth, where ambition leads to the downfall of the once great character, Macbeth.

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While other themes flow through the text and contribute to the downfall of Macbeth, ambition remains the fueling desire that plagues Macbeth throughout the duration of the play.