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In the novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding deals with this evil that exists in the heart of man.

In The Lord of the Flies, Ralph is good while Jack is evil.

I'm part of you," (Golding 143) says the Lord of the Flies to Simon.

Later on while Ralph is fleeing from Jack and his tribe, he stumbles upon the Lord of the Flies.
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The Lord of Flies says that the beast is not a physical manifestation that is in the form of an animal that can be hunted and killed, but resides inside the souls of the boys on the island.

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By destroying the Lord of the Flies, Ralph denies his internal evil and primitive instincts.
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The issue of good and evil is brought up in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, when innocent boys are set on an island to bear the weight of society on their backs.


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Evil is a prominent theme in both The Odyssey and The Lord of the Flies through the characterization and plot elements.
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The struggle between good and evil is a major theme in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, when a group of innocent boys, stranded on an island, try to build a civilization from scratch.

The Lord of the Flies is the head of a pig which is sacrificially given to the beast in order to preserve the boys' safety.
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Both Ralph's and Simon's experience with the Lord of the Flies states that "all men are capable of evil, and evil is inherent in all human beings, without exception." (Ridley 107)
The Lord of the Flies illustrates the capabilities of evil in all things.

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The difference between Ralph's and Simon's encounter with the Lord of the Flies is that Simon accepts The Lord of the Flies and listens intently to what it is saying to him.

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So before you write off Lord of the Flies as unrealistic and pat yourself on the back for thinking that if you were stranded on a desert island you'd be forming cooperatives and making netting out of vines, think about the Stanford Prison Experiment. It seems that college students being stuck in a basement isn't a situation so unlike young boys stranded on an island—they both show us that human nature can be ugly stuff.

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The Lord of the Flies even says that the Beast is part of Simon, the symbol of goodness, suggesting that all human beings are born with both some evil and goodness.

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Simon is the first to talk with the Lord of the Flies, and when he does, he learns that the beast (evil) is not in an animal out in the woods, but in the boys themselves.

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Naturally, this was a huge success in Victorian England—but Golding wasn't so impressed. His Lord of the Flies, which uses many of the same character names that Ballantyne did, shows almost the opposite scenario: instead of the boys conquering the heathen wild, the heathen wild conquers the boys.