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Sicily Pizzeria has been providing great tasting Italian food in Flint, Michigan, since 1959.

of this list (without images). in PDF format.

1. All bids are per lot as numbered in this catalog.

Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis beginning on March 1 and closing on April 5.
387 Israel. ND. (c.1950). A group of 4 Vignettes for Israel Bonds from the American Banknote Company Archives. 1) Large (c. 9 x 6") black and white with a group of workers (farmers, laborers, scientists, mother & child) with a menorah, cog and farm machinery in the background; 2) another large vignette, this more allegorical in nature than #1 with a woman studying with a pastoral scene in the background on the left and a man (Moses?) sitting with two cherubs and an eagle with a river and city behind and the state of Israel logo in the center; 3) Small (c. 2 x 2 1/2") black and white logo of the state of Israel; and 4) a slightly larger (3 1/4 x 3 3/4") and slightly different logo. 4 items, the first three black and white and various hues of black and white while the last is green. All with American Bank Note Company and control numbers printed on face with pencil numbers on back. A rare and important lot. $750?

4. All materials are guaranteed genuine, unless noted otherwise.

by Jeremy Dummett. An eloquent follow-up to the author's book about Syracuse.
COLORADO SPRINGS COIN SHOW: JUNE 21 TO JUNE 24. MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS FINANCIAL EXPO CENTER. 3650 North Neveda Avenue, Colorado Springs CO 80907. Wednesday June 21rd is dealer set up and the hours are 2 to 7. We should be there by 3 or so and stay until at least 6 to 7 depending on foot traffic. Thursday and Friday 9 AM to 6 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM. We will try to be there all public hours. If you make a right when entering the hall our tables should be a few tables down on the right. The show is not opened on Sunday.


6. We reserve the right to reject any bid.

7. Title does not pass until lots are paid for in full.
125 EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 1992 7000 Francs. Lions, male, female & cub/Map of Africa with various themes. KM-76. Endangered Wildlife Seires. A huge silver coin (504 grams of .999 silver) 75mm diam, 11 1/2mm thick. Silver Proof. Rarely seen, only 1700 minted. This is probably Lot 153 from our sale 25C of April 1995. We haven't had (or seen) once since! It's a huge beautiful coin but both the 2015 & 2016 editions of SCWC says "image reduced". Reduced so much, it's not there. $500+

8. Postage, insurance & handling are extra. A minimum of $5 per shipment will be charged.
301 Tunisia, Abjdul Mejid (with Ahmed Bey ). 1267 (c. 1851) 5 Piastres. KM-108, Cr-102a, Dav-73. A small size (34mm) crown in high grade! Choice lightly toned EF+. $175+

13. There is a $25 charge for bad checks.

298 Tunisia. Mahmud II. 1244 (c. 1829). 2 Piastres (1/2 Piastre). KM-93, Cr-80, Dav-71. VF, somewhat softly struck at center but clear and sharp date. Seems to be rarer than the 1245 dated crown. $250?

14. In case of tie bids, the earliest bid received will win the lot.

296 Tunisia. Mahmud II. 1250 (c. 1835). 4 Kharub (1/4 Piastre). Cr-74, KM-88. Toned VF. A seldom offered very attractive type. $125


295 Tunisia. Mustafa IV. 1223 (c. 1808). 8 Kharubs (1/2 Piastre). KM-76, Cr-64. Gd Fine. Extremely Rare 2 year type for which we could find no recent auction record! $400+?

Telephone Bids will be accepted until 9:00 Mountain Time.

300 Tunisia, Abdul Mejid. 1263 (c. 1847) 2 Piastres. KM-106, Cr-101. aEF. Rare two year type. We have found only one other piece offered via auction this century. Sincona sold a lesser coin (aVF, planchet flaws) for 300 Swiss Francs (about US $350) before the buyers fee in June of 2011. $350+

Fax & email Bids will be accepted until Midnight Mountain Time.

293 Togo. Republic. 1977. 10,000 Francs. Bust of General Gnassingre Eyadema left./ Arms. Struck for his 10th year as President. Y-9, KM-9. Choice Proof. Rare, only 150 pieces struck. Large size (46 mm) crown. A companion to the lot above. $300+