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My Early Paranormal Experiences

My C-Section Recovery - The Uphill

This is the 3rd (of 4) letters in 1951 that Joan sent to my grandmother (Mary).
A month after taking the Silva class, I convinced a close friend to take it. Reading auras became easy, and in his class we read everybody’s. Some were spectacular, and I can still vividly see some of them in my mind’s eye, nearly 40 years later as I write this section in 2014. I have had many psychic readings in my lifetime, and many were startlingly accurate and prescient, such as one channel that stated that I had a contract in this lifetime for a once-in-a-lifetime event that unexpectedly happened later the same day.

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I thought I’d write a little about my c-section recovery, at least for the first week
I just had the great honor of taking my family to Yosemite for the first time. My husband and three children; 6, 9, and 13 years old. I was pretty calm until we hit "The Tunnel" and I became that little girl from long ago. I had already prepped my family about my own family tradition of rolling down the windows and blaring the horn as we screamed "Elmer" going through the tunnel. When we came through the other side and saw that spectacular view I was in tears. Tears of such great joy as I hadn't been to Yosemite in 10 years. I was so happy to share it with my family. The memories of Elmer; Jumping off of Stoneman Bridge; Swinging off of a tree into Mirror Lake; Spending an entire day with the Indian Women in the village making acorn meal, acorn tortillas, and crushing manzanita berries; The Big Square Dance in the Village; and of course...The Infamous Fire Falls. I am 43 and I recall the beautiful falls that we all anxiously awaited each night. Oh they were so beautiful! I am very grateful to the photo posted here so that I could show it to my children. Ah, if only it could live on!!!


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I married Art Freeman (whose family lived permanently in the Park at the government housing development) in 1948 at the Yosemite Chapel by Reverend Alfred Glass....reception at the Ahwahnee Hotel! My novel will entail some of Yosemite and there are some things I'd like to know. One, who was the band leader whose theme song was "Concerto in A minor by Grieg"?...I can hear it now in my memories after the Firefall...the dance began soon after and one could hear that theme flow through the trees and the sharp cool air of the evening.

My Story of Loss to Pancreatic Cancer - The Traveluster
just what is the magic of Yosemite?! many of these stories and emotions, below,ring true for me. I started my yosemite experience in 1954 in stoneman campgroundnext to curry, behind the gas station. Then we graduated to the free for allcamping at camp 14 and once stayed for a month. I remember my father letting me putquarters in the old ice machine and waiting for a second or two until the largeblock of ice would come thundering out. we sat in folding chairs at the edge of thecamp 14 meadow and drank in the wonder of firefall or participated in the program atcurry, hearing the indian love call. after meeting the Keith Bee family, whooversaw the curry evening program in those years, we had a picnic at our campsiteone year with all the curry performers joining us including Poogie Poogie themagician. ron bee and i used to fish and climb rocks and swim. I got to know everybike, horse and pedestrian trail in the valley. I remember being in the valley whenthe secrete service spent days deciding where the safest meadow was to landpresident kennedys helicopter. I was walking out of the camp curry cafeteria onemorning when i glanced at a newspaper in a stand declaring that marilyn monroe wasdead, and it was on stage at camp curry one night that my sister and i were asked todo this tropical dance on stage, jumping between two long clicking bamboo poles andhaving a great time making fools of ourselves. as with everyone else i could go onand on but i have to say that the firefall is the one tradition that i miss themost. it truly was one of a kind. every now and then an unusually large ember wouldbe pushed over and it would bounce and careen exceedingly farther down thecliffside, exploding into a brilliant shower of sparks everytime it hit the granite,and we would feel exceptionally blessed. I used to stare up at the mountainsideuntil every last flickering ember was gone before turning back. i still go toyosemite now (age50) and i go through withdrawls if i have to skip a year. despitethe man made problems and the often misguided efforts to solve them, i still praiseGod and give Him the glory for creating a beautiful place for us to enjoy that noman or expanse of time alone could have created. i have been told that mothernature, time and glacial forces are responsible for the granduer of yosemite, butcredit goes to Almighty God as it bears His unmistakable handprints alone.

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At the age of four (1948) I went with my family to see Yosemite. My father tookwonderful color photos of that trip. We witnessed the firefall, but my dad did notget a picture of it. The firefall was an awesome (semi-natural) spectacle that Iremember to this day. My memory is based on seeing it, not on a photograph. Mygrandparents and my parents were on that trip. They are gone now. I'm getting upin age and, of course, my children and grandchildren have never seen the event. Ihave only been back to Yosemite a few times since then, but then Yosemite doesn'tlack visitors these days. The last time I was there I learned that the mules andhorses would be gone forever due to flies, etc., not appreciated by the urbanguests. The loss of the firefall and the loss of the horse/mule concession wereboth sad to me. The world is not short of lichen and the view of any part of theworld is enhanced when seen from the back of a horse or mule. I took quite a fewpictures of the mules and horses in the park, knowing that we would probably neversee them there again. I can't help thinking that these two decisions were madeusing urban perspective and polarized environmental thinking. Thank you forproviding a venue where I could vent my opinion.

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I agree about the Silhouette books. The book that did it for me was Dance Upon the Air. Nora Roberts is the only author who I’ve read everything they’ve written, besides Stephen King, who along with Nora, are the only authors who have actually voiced things I’ve thought myself, or their characters have, like Stellas’ opinion of Graceland in Blue Dahlia.