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More likely, the ancient Native American Indian medicine man could alter consciousness at will.

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Herbal Medicinal Plants - Native Indian Tribes

The Indian term “rain dance” exemplifies the power of the Native American medicine man.
Much of the Native American Indian art pulled from the Spoon River 12,000 years ago were worked with tools like this heavy iron-laden cleaver to allow proper and stable stacking.">Hematite Chipper / Cleaver

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The alternative is to use natural herbs as medicine instead which have been 'tested' for thousands of years by our ancestors.
The color is washed out a bit by the flash in the larger photo, but the "eyes" view depict the actual color of this Native American Indian medicine man


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These stones naturally shaped and colored like internal organs were likely used in homeopathic medicine and suggest Native American Indian medicine man had knowledge of human anatomy.">

This carnelian owl was one of the first set of stones recognized as Native American Indian art and may have represented the wisdom of the medicine man.">

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These so called “special privileges” were bought and paid for by signing treaties with the federal government in exchange for land; the education and health care benefits that Native Americans receive were paid for by their ancestors.

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The terms Native American, American-Indian, and Native do not tell us much about the person’s history, culture, or religion; especially since there are over 500 cultural beliefs and practices.

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Because of the scarcity of stones shortly after the last Ice Age many of these Native American Indian medicine man figurines have dual function as tool kits.">

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Banded glacial slate makes the face on this Native American Indian artifact look as if the medicine man is blown away by waves of pristine cognitiveness.">

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375)24), in which home language and cultural practices were forbidden.
Level of Acculturation Experienced by Native AmericanNative American Values:Core Belief: Meaning is derived from the whole; all aspects of life are integrated and inseparable
“…humans must maintain a harmony with nature and with the Earth, that all humans have value because life is a precious gift regardless of their age or circumstances, that the extended family is protected and highly esteemed, and that language is a medium through which customs and values are communicated.” (Kasten, 1992, p.

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Ancient Herbal Traditions

In ancient times more than 1,200 healing plants from the jungles of South and Central America were effectively concocted as teas, tinctures, baths, plasters, and poultices.