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The aim is to determine the techniques most promising for a given simulation model.

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In particular, simulation of models involving rare events, such as those used for the evaluation of communications and highly-dependable systems, is often not feasible using standard techniques.

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With the growing incidence of computer modeling and simulation, the scope of simulation domain must be extended to include much more than traditional optimization techniques.


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Users must be provided with affordable techniques for sensitivity analysis if they are to understand which relationships are meaningful in complicated models.

Converting measurement variables to nominal variables ("dichotomizing" if you split into two groups, "categorizing" in general) is common in epidemiology, psychology, and some other fields. However, there are several problems with categorizing measurement variables (MacCallum et al. 2002). One problem is that you'd be discarding a lot of information; in our blood pressure example, you'd be lumping together everyone with HDL from 0 to 39 mg/dl into one group. This reduces your statistical power, decreasing your chances of finding a relationship between the two variables if there really is one. Another problem is that it would be easy to consciously or subconsciously choose the dividing line ("cutpoint") between low and normal HDL that gave an "interesting" result. For example, if you did the experiment thinking that low HDL caused high blood pressure, and a couple of people with HDL between 40 and 45 happened to have high blood pressure, you might put the dividing line between low and normal at 45 mg/dl. This would be cheating, because it would increase the chance of getting a "significant" difference if there really isn't one.

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It is possible to convert a measurement variable to a nominal variable, dividing individuals up into a two or more classes based on ranges of the variable. For example, if you are studying the relationship between levels of HDL (the "good cholesterol") and blood pressure, you could measure the HDL level, then divide people into two groups, "low HDL" (less than 40 mg/dl) and "normal HDL" (40 or more mg/dl) and compare the mean blood pressures of the two groups, using a nice simple .

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With the integration of artificial intelligence, agents and other modeling techniques, simulation has become an effective and appropriate decision support for the managers.

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Stochastic approximation techniques using perturbation analysis, score function, or simultaneous perturbation gradient estimators, optimize a simulation model in a single simulation run.

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It includes discussions on descriptive simulation modeling, programming commands, techniques for sensitivity estimation, optimization and goal-seeking by simulation, and what-if analysis.

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There are several techniques available for metamodeling including: design of experiments, response surface methodology, Taguchi methods, neural networks, inductive learning, and kriging.