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Hip Opening Yoga Sequence | Yogic Way Of Life

A Heart-Opening Yoga Sequence with Elena Brower

Kevin Feige Teases Avengers: Infinity War Opening Sequence

Stranger Things 2 opening sequence doesn't take ..
An establishing shot is used at the very start of
the opening sequence of a city scape at night, this is a birds eye
view shot which pans through many different buildings, a
re-establishing extreme long shot is also used when you see the thief
standing on the roof top of the building as this reinforces to the
audience that the thief is performing their crime in the city they
have just seen.

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The Opening sequence is one of the most notable hallmarks of The Simpsons
They appear to be graceful and
experienced at burglary especially when they abseil down the front of
the building, also they appear to be fearless in a very dangerous
situation which also helps to build the tension within the opening


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"The Opening Sequence" is the intro for the show Robotboy itself

The shots in this opening sequence tend to be objective as it detaches
the audience from within the scene and allows them to observe what is
going on and be intrigued by the thief’s actions rather than engulfed
in what the thief is feeling and their emotions during the scene.

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There is only one character introduced to the audience in the opening
sequence of this film and at this point their sex cannot be
established by the audience which conveys a sense of mystery and
intrigues the audience.

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Facial expressions in this opening sequence aren’t visible which
increases the tension for the audience which captivates them and makes
them want to discover who the person behind the mask is.

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David Fincher's Fight Club had already made out the classic movie as well as it's opening sequence. You’ll be traveling through the main characters’ brain, exiting through a pore in his skin and down the barrel of a gun as a bead of sweat. The music choice helps you to get there even faster.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Season 3 Opening Credits Sequence …

Everything else we shot on location in Louisiana during a 4-day road trip in an RV, at a church in Chicago, in a dive bar in Seattle, and a stage also in Seattle.”

Nearly subliminal images in the opening sequence

Mulder: Shawn Fedorchuk knew he wanted the edit to rumble through the swamps, wilderness and cultures of the south to eventually reach into the hearts and minds of it inhabitants.