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"Denis’’ is off to a good start."

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Remember great minds think alike, unfortunately so do mediocre and stupid ones.
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In Kilroy Jonathan Chance has the guitar passed to him by his mentor Kilroy and vows to fight to keep rock alive. ("Damn it Kilroy")Does he succeed, who knows, but it's hopeful. However if current music trends are any indication Miley Cyrus's tongue, Lady Ga Ga's designer and Bruno Mars fancy footwork have done more to kill rock music then twenty Dr Righteous's. Face it kids Pop rules!

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"It is impressive […] He has a lot of fun, he moves all the time, he is accompanied by two guitarists who give it all […] In shape, very complicit with his public, very generous!"
- Patricia Tadros, ICI Radio-Canada Première


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I just received the new Styx Vinyl Collection in the mail and decided to pop it open to have a look. I called the local fire department to assist me seeing as how to open anything you buy these days takes considerable ingenuity and effort. After they had gotten it open I decided to buy my own set of "Jaws of Life" for the next time I have to open something, you know like a bottle of Listerine. The child proof cap on this thing should state that this product is safe for all children under the age of 114 cause ya ain't agittin it open. Squeeze the marked sides and twist, only to realize after 72 attempts that your gingivitis and plaque will be celebrating and your breath will have to remain questionable. Buy one bottle and it will be yours for life, What would you give to have 5 minutes alone with the murdering, tamperingTylenol guy who stared all this idiotic protective packaging crap. I believe, though I could be wrong that hospital emergency rooms have invested heavily in this protective packaging. Obamacare does not cover this. But I digress.

After seeing the collection I was impressed to find that all the albums appeared to be as I had remembered them, with the exception of the laser etching on Paradise Theater. Of the four million that sold only the first million were actually etched. It was the brainchild of Jeff Ayeroff at A and M. and was awfully cool.

They contain the same lyrics and photo's as the originals including the Grand Illusion poster. In this photo under my jacket I'm wearing an A and M tee shirt to match my Robins egg blue colored saddle shoes, oh and let's not forget my fashionable little scarf ya know in case I catch cold or decide to rob a 7/11. I heard that Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn saw my getup and Gunn broke out in hives. It's a wonderful poster and the photo shoot was memorable in that I never heard anyone yelling "Blairrrrhhh more smoke at crotch level". (For those of you who do not understand the reference check out an earlier post where I discuss our first album photo shoot).

As of yet I don't know if I will make the effort to listen to these records because it would entail some work on my part to fix my turntable and stylus, connect it to an amp and speakers and find my hookah and platform shoes. Besides I know what they sound like i was there when we did them. If any of you were bold enough to get these new things let me know what you think and please do not post your prom pictures...oh go ahead!


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Neill Peart who wrote the lyrics and story of 2112 based his concept on an Ayn Rand book entitled Anthem. He has since denounced his love of her writings and blamed it on the musings of his youth. I have never denounced Kilroy but I do regret not making him Chinese given the way there world has turned. Thank you very much Mr Roboto in Chinese is Fei Chang Xie xie Xiansheng Ji Qi Ren, catchy huh, on second thought.

Peart's vision of the future was about an intergalactic group of priests who utilize computers to dominate all areas of society kind of like the IRS but with zappers. On the other hand Dr. Righteous is simply a cable network owner whose part preacher and politician, though unelected. His goal is to simply ban rock music with a group of like minded anti first amendment thugs, increase his networks viewership and make himself rich. He even has his own brand of fried chicken. He's Branding)In the original draft he was a failed rock musician who'd found the righteous path, so to speak.

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Over the years I have read that some people believe Kilroy Was Here was a rip off of Rush's album 2112. Mostly Rush fans. So today for the first time ever I looked up 2112 and read the plot line and song list(have I mentioned were in the grip of a polar vortex here and...I'm bored).

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If memory serves this was the first official photo taken in 1976 of the new band. It was January or February of 1976 and it was hovering around 10 degrees. It was taken in the historic Pullman district in Roseland on the far south side of Chicago where Mr. George M. Pullman had constructed row houses for his employees to live in while they worked at the Pullman Works building his rail cars. We are standing on the porch of one of these houses which also have been declared historic landmarks. The politically incorrect fur coats were fake except for JY's which was rabbit. Imagine Bug's surprise. The coat that Tommy was wearing that day was borrowed from me seeing as how Montgomery Alabama had never seen weather like this. It was made by Suzanne for me with material given to her from her aunt Emmy. In those days a fur signified stature rather than murderer. Fake fur signified fake stature. I have donated these coats to the cast of the new hit show "Empire". They have been sent back with this note. "Get Real".

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Though I have great respect for Rush I have never owned a Rush album and know them mostly from their songs that made the radio,Tom Sawyer, Fly by Night, Closer to the Heart. I was surprised to find that I didn't recognize any of the song titles on this album. I guess what I'm getting at is if there are ANY similarities between 2112 and Kilroy it's totally coincidental.