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A living cell is a factory, albeit a magical one. In this factory, enzymes, structural proteins, and signal molecules all work in harmony to maintain the cell

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As late as 1872, Pasteur was still woefully ignorant about what fermentation really was. He wrote "That which separates the chemical phenomenon of fermentation from a crowd of other acts and especially from the acts of ordinary life is the fact of the decomposition of a weight of fermentative matter much superior to the weight of the ferment." Pasteur was repeating the day’s misunderstanding that many scientists subscribed to. Béchamp put forth a simple explanation of fermentation that should have made it clear why a ferment could affect a medium of vastly larger proportion than itself. Béchamp proposed the following analogy:

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Not only was Fishbein raking in money from cigarette ads, he was advising cigarette companies on how to structure their "research" so that they could make ever-grander medical claims. In 1935, Philip Morris began a new ad campaign, with being the most prominent place for its ads, touting a new additive that made its cigarettes superior to the competition's. The additive was diethylene glycol. Philip Morris stated that its research showed that its additive was superior to the rest of the industry, which used glycerine as its moistener. Ethylene glycol is what goes into car radiators today as antifreeze. Diethylene glycol is its cousin.


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Fishbein applied Simmons’s “Seal of Approval” racket to food for a generation. Fishbein also began an active campaign of in the 1930s. From the 1930s to the 1950s, the pages of were filled with cigarette ads, and they made medical claims. What follows are some of the witty slogans that . "Not a cough in a carload" (for Old Gold). "Not one single case of throat irritation due to smoking Camels." "More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette." "Just what the doctor ordered" (slogan of L&M cigarettes). Philip Morris said that its cigarettes were "recognized by eminent medical authorities." "For Digestion's Sake, Smoke Camels" because the magical Camel cigarettes would "stimulate the flow of digestive fluids." Another was "Chesterfield is Best for You." Former smoker turned smoking reformer, Senator Maurine Neuberger (D-Oregon) said, "The American smoker during the '30s and '40s could have been forgiven for confusing his favorite brand of cigarettes with the latest wonder drug."

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Via the mechanism that described, the biomedical and pharmaceutical companies essentially own the FDA. It is a classic case of , transforming a public watchdog into an industrial attack dog. Consequently, the FDA’s general philosophy is protecting and promoting drugs and other lucrative products sold by its rich patrons, and wiping out natural remedies and other inexpensive health solutions. Under the FDA's ministrations, natural remedies, health supplements, and their practitioners are wiped out and replaced by lucrative artificial "medicines." The FDA has been trying to regulate vitamins and herbs for many years. Every time they try it, there is public outcry, senators and congressional representatives feel the heat from their constituents, and the FDA is beaten back. They are not thwarted for long, however, as health supplements can be a lucrative business, once they become classified as drugs and can only be made by drug companies, sold only with a doctor's prescription. That might seem extreme, but it accurately describes what the FDA has been doing for generations. The case of L-tryptophan was a standard case of FDA racketeering. It was a clear case of politics overriding medicine (, ). Finally, , the FDA made L-tryptophan legal again as an over-the-counter supplement again.

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Fishbein soon extended the drug approval racket to food: for a price, food would garner the AMA's Seal of Acceptance. The testing involved seemed limited to seeing how much money was in the bank account of the companies seeking AMA approval. At the same time that Fishbein was announcing the Seal of Approval and citing two tuna companies as meeting the AMA's stringent requirements, the FDA was seizing shipments of those very brands because "they consisted in whole or in part of decomposed animal substance." Fishbein’s first customer for his food approval racket was Land O’Lakes Butter Company, which had been criminally prosecuted many times for adulterating its product to hide spoilage and watering it down. It widely advertised its new, AMA-approved, status. The AMA's Seal of Approval racket for food lasted until the 1940s, and it always teetered on the verge of damage lawsuits as it performed virtually no testing on its "approved" foods. The drug Seal of Approval racket, however, proved long lasting, but drugs comprised only one pillar of the developing racket. The other was surgery. When anesthesia and antiseptics made surgery respectable, the surgeons sought to make surgery into a monopoly.

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In 1960, Crane was making and selling the device, along with a detailed technical manual on how to use it, and was attempting to get it patented. The medical authorities raided Crane's facility in California and seized everything: machines, engineering data, research records and reports, pictures off the walls, etc. They did not even have a search warrant. Then the railroad treatment began, with the I know so well: none of the seized material was made available to Crane so he could defend himself; no testimony of the other doctors and researchers working with the technology around the country was allowed into evidence, much of it impeccable in its methods and findings; the jury foreman was an AMA doctor, and the rest of the jury was carefully stacked. The only medical authority allowed to testify was an "expert" from the AMA who had never actually seen the device working. Crane was convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison, and Rife fled to Mexico. Crane was not the only Rife follower to go to prison. Another of Rife’s assistants was imprisoned.