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A San Andreas Native American shaman quoted, "Peyote is everything, it is the crossing of the souls, it is everything there is.

law only for Native American members of the Native American Church

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 Online museum exhibit featuring photographs of Northeast Native American beadwork.

If you are looking to buy beaded art that was actually made by Native Americans--either because it's important to you to have the real thing or because you want to support native people with your purchase--then here is our list of American Indian beaders whose artwork is available online.

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National American Indian Heritage Month - President Clinton declared November of each year to be National American Indian Heritage Month.
April 22, 1889: In the first "Oklahoma Land Rush," the U.S. government bows to pressure and opens for settlement land that it had previously promised would be a permanent refuge for Native Americans moved from their eastern territories. Native American tribes are paid about $4 million for the parcel of land. The starting gun sounds at noon, and an estimated 50,000 settlers race across the land; by sunset, all 1.92 million acres have been claimed.


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In September, the Fancher party, a group of California-bound emigrants from Arkansas and Missouri, arrived in Salt Lake City. According to Brigham Young's edict, the townspeople refused to sell supplies to the group. They headed south and camped in Mountain Meadows.
On September 7, the Fancher party suffered a coordinated joint attack by Paiute Indians and Mormon militiamen. Many were killed on both sides before the pioneers could gain a tenable defensive position. Then followed five days of siege.
On September 12, the Mormons negotiated a surrender. The local Mormon leader, John Doyle Lee, and 54 Mormon militiamen approached the Fancher party and offered to provide safe passage through the territory. The surviving members of the Fancher party would hand over their livestock to the Paiutes and their guns to the Mormons. In return, the pioneers were guaranteed safe passage from the area. Once the emigrants accepted the Mormon offer and laid down their weapons, the Mormons opened fire on them. The Paiute, allies of the Mormons, stormed the wagon train, and slaughtered the women and all the older children. When the bloodbath ended, 123 were dead; only 17 young children were left alive. Lee fled the area with his 17 wives and settled in Lee's Ferry, Arizona.
In 1877, Lee was arrested and tried for his part in the massacre. He was convicted and sentenced to die. On March 23, Lee was brought to Mountain Meadows, where he sat blindfolded on the coffin that was to hold his remains and was executed by a firing squad.

Thanks Charley for your western-colonial and blatant racist perspective of the Diné peoples. Why should the Navajo need to accept westernized archeological research as truth? Because its scholarly work generated by a white researcher so that must be true? And we are suppose to accept studies controlled by non-natives about Native America? Please don’t spread your colonizing thoughts, it’s perpetuates racism and bigotry. The Diné have their own epistemological ways that differ from standardized western thought, you don’t need to agree, but have some respect.

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Here’s the thing: they may have entered as Asiatic but the exited as Native American. This team of researchers in Upward Sun River discovered a burial site 11,500 years old that held 2 kids with different moms, one was premature birth and the other was about 3 months old. Their DNA shows no Asian traits and diverse Native American traits. So the eastward moving population from Asia halted long enough in a habitable spot to separate itself from any trace of it’s Asian heritage and produce its own unique genetic diversity before proceeding to populate the Americas.

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I see some comments saying that if Navajo accepts they are of Mongolian descent they will lose their rights to their land. How different is that from identifying themselves Indians or native Indians… I was told a story by my Navajo friend’s son that a Mexican kid at the school over an argument told the Navajo kid to go back to his country India because Navajo kid and many Native Americans identify themselves and American Indians or Native Indians… Vast majority of Native american tribe websites and facebook pages are called Native Indian and it naturally makes ppl who are not familiar with Native American tribes to think that it is about people of Indian origin.

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I don’t think native Americans are Mongolians neither Chinese, Japanese, or korean , asiatic yes but their own race who have their own distinct features and language . I believe that they came from middle east a Canaanite people who mixed with the amorites (imliq) arabs move like the native indians not modern day Asians. The two Canaanites were dravidians and native indians both mixed with amorites and akkadians . You will see both features in jordan one fair and one brown or dark in color with lank to wavy hair .