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“Further research is required to more clearly define the effect of induction of labour in women of advanced maternal age.”

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We've created this resource to increase the information available to young women who are pregnant.
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epilepsy is present in .5%of pregnant women, and the pregnancy alters drug metabolism and treatmentprospects all the while it increases the number and frequency of seizures)

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Women spoke about wanting to read about other women’s experiences of pregnancy and gaining a sense of support during and after pregnancy.
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Angel believes society shouldn't make "blanket" judgements against older mothers based on their age, citing the number of grandmothers raising children, "millions of grandmothers have been quietly raising their grandchildren for years without public criticism or concern," she says, "what’s the qualitative difference between these grandparents versus mothers of the same age raising children?"


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Among these, some of the most harmful for pregnant women and their babies are thought to be nicotine, carbon monoxide and cyanide
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The age at which women in Australia will have their first baby is increasing as many couple choose to achieve other goals first." This article by Yvette Barton gives all the facts and details on conception and pregnancy after 35.

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"The reported success of oocyte donation to women in their 50s and early 60s suggests that pregnancy may be possible in virtually any woman with a normal uterus, regardless of age or the absence of ovaries and ovarian function."

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Dr Anna Kenyon, University College London Hospital and co-author of the paper, said: “It is justifiable for experts to conclude that inducing labour at an earlier stage of gestation (39-40 weeks) in older mothers (40+ years) could prevent late stillbirth and any maternal risks of an ongoing pregnancy, without increasing the number of operative vaginal deliveries or emergency caesarean sections.

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The review of studies found the risk of stillbirth at term, or between 39 and 40 weeks gestation, is doubled for women aged 40 or more. Where as these women had a stillbirth risk at 39 weeks which was similar to that of women in their 20s whose pregnancy had reached 41 weeks.

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But it is offensive to assertthat pregnancy impacts men in any way equivalent to its impact on women; thatfathers and mothers have comparable experiences or feelings in connectionwith pregnancy or their babies; that nonresident unwed fathers, based onDNA, "should" have "rights;" that,from the standpoint of family laws or women's choices regarding abortion,pregnancy should be viewed as nothing more than an "inconvenience";or that the riskiest "jobs" in this world all are performed bymen.

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Women whose pregnancy goes beyond full term at 40 weeks are advised that their labour should be induced artificially in order to prevent stillbirths.