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Improving volleyball skills and volleyball techniques are key to becoming a great volleyball player. Serving, passing, attacking, digging, setting, and blocking

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This section explains the basics of volleyball skills

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It very soon became apparent that there was a need for an independent junior volleyball club association that would be responsive to all clubs, of all affiliations. The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) approached JVDA. The missions of the two organizations are very similar and a partnership was formed. JVDA had no staff, only a volunteer board. AVCA became the managing partner, responsible to administer the operations of the new association. Members were granted a dual membership, adding value to the association.

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October 2006
The JVA was formed when a concerned group of club directors met in Chicago to discuss the long term direction of junior volleyball. The directors, junior club athletes, and their families faced a governing body that offered their primary financial supporters a disproportionate voice in decision making, rapidly inflating costs, (especially for top teams to qualify to compete in the Open Division of the USAV Junior National Championships), and a season that offered athletes few off-season days. The group decided to form the JVDA (Junior Volleyball Directors Assoc.) as a lobby group to work for better conditions for juniors in USAV.


Volleyball Techniques for Improving Volleyball Skills

Lee came off the bench and settled down our passing and I think from then on he really helped funnel the energy and intensity into the group."

For Lee, the process of getting back to 100 percent hasn't exactly been easy, but one he's approaching with a day-by-day mindset.

"It was a struggle in the fall to get back to playing and then from there, it was kind of just day by day to build my confidence and my skills," Smith said.

UNITE By joining together, junior club directors can develop an organized group of small business leaders to lobby for improvement and better representation at the regional and national level. This type of effort will allow all clubs, both large and small, to be working partners with their regional and national leadership. The JVA feels strongly that since the junior community is the overwhelming source of funding for both the regional and national organizations, it should have a fair voice in the governance of those organizations. As partners, the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) recognizes and supports the effort to bring all of the key organizations in the sport together. By forming a unified front the junior community can help lead the way in the development, promotion and marketing of our sport.