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Discover some of the most infamous instances of product placement in movies, TV, and social media. What is product placement, and what are the costs?

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When product placement works, it works damn well. When it doesn't, well, it looks like total trash.
With over 20 years of product placement experience, HERO has built solid relationships with all of the major studios, the most prolific production companies and key industry professionals who produce the content your customers consume. But there are three primary ways HERO is different from other agencies (other than our team coming to work in unitards and capes).

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To some extent, ethnic art (including film and literature) has been recognized as an empowering tool for minorities. Latino and African-American advocates have consistently pushed for the inclusion of content reflecting the lives and struggles of people of color in art and at school. But while these stories have gradually made it into the market, they have nonetheless preserved their ethnic labels. For example, movies with African-American casts are usually labeled as ethnic films rather than American products more broadly. Is this a problem? Absolutely. Labeling Latino-oriented books as ethnic products makes it almost impossible to normalize these people’s experiences. When material gets segregated this way, it loses its potential to teach larger lessons for people of all races.


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HERO introduced Haworth to the business opportunity that product placement offers. Thank you for being friendly, professional and very easy to work with. HERO has the contacts and relationships to get high profile exposures for our product. Haworth’s Zody chair is now seen regularly on TV series and feature films. This is generating the interest and inquiries that we expected. HERO is an agency that delivers results! Our placement activities are generating broader interest and demand…….thank you.

HERO has set the standard for excellent product placement for brand names. The HERO website is a timely account of what is going on with your brand, which I have never seen before from a product placement company. The website is super easy to use and understand – a huge selling point when you are looking for product placement. Glass Handbag has gained wonderful placement through HERO. They pay personal attention to every detail. They keep us at the top of our game on a daily basis!

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The HERO team has done a superlative job placing our products and logo. Somehow HERO has managed to make a reusable dry cleaning bag sexy. Not only do we get a boost from seeing The Green Garmento in a movie or TV show, but our brand recognition does as well. Who would have thought that seeing our product in a fight scene in The Amazing Spiderman or on a bus bench on Weeds or in a tour bus in Pitch Perfect would create such a PR stir. The great placement we’ve gotten from HERO provides endless stories to tell for our sales team, PR firm and beyond. They really are our HERO!

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I certainly appreciate the opportunity to have worked directly with the HERO team. If it weren’t for Isuzu’s limited marketing resources, we would have, with no doubt, continued our efforts in product placement.

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I would like to personally thank you for such superb service that you and the HERO team have demonstrated over the past four years. Your team truly defines the word “professionalism.” Isuzu has received such amazing exposure (SPY Kids, The Pledge, Airtouch Commercial, VIP, etc.) through our relationship with HERO Product Placement. This type of placement would have cost a company millions of advertising dollars to secure such exposure.

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We work with all major brands and agencies, both domestically and internationally, to facilitate placements in each of our films. I have personally worked with Julie for almost 7 years in my current role and have always found her to be among the most proactive, responsive, and professional contacts in our business. She consistently delivers her clients’ products on time, if not early, and is a pleasure to work with on every project. I look forward to working with her for many years to come!