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Her parents, Edward and Emily Norcross Dickinson, were strict and cold like the Puritan religion they upheld....

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16/03/2017 · The English Reformation and the Puritans Their Unlikely Story is Ours
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During the early 1600's a period called the Reformation sawchanges in the way Europeans looked at religion. The Catholic Churchsplit apart and many new Christian organizations called Protestantswere formed. In England a protestant religion called the Anglicansbecame the dominant force in social and political life. Some peoplein England, however, viewed religion differently. As a result a newprotestant religion called Puritans evolved. The ruling Anglicanchurch disapproved of Puritan beliefs and persecuted the Puritans. Though Puritans did gain control of England for a short time (OliverCromwell) many fled England and came to the New World (America) toescape religious persecution. The Pilgrims were Puritan settlers andmany of the early settlers in New England were Puritans.

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09/08/2014 · And the puritans didn’t even care that much about premarital sex either
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The long term results of Puritanism are felt throughout ourcountry because they were amongst our first settlers and spread theirideas and values throughout the land. The Puritan work ethic becamea staple of American idealism. Likewise this nation remains aProtestant country with a legacy of conservatism. The Puritans mayhave lasted only a little over a century but their ideals remain.


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29/11/2017 · On sex scandals, Democrats are now the Puritans and it could cost them
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Puritans believed that all men were born sinners, this was knownas the idea of "original sin." For the Puritans the only way to besaved (go to heaven) was by the grace of god. Puritans felt thatonly certain of people would be saved and that these people werechosen at birth, this was known as "predestination." Instead ofgiving in to sin, since there was nothing one could do to be saved,the Puritans saw sin as a challenge. The Bible, according to thePuritans, was the direct word of God. Because of this the Bible wasseen as an infallible guide to all life including political, socialand economic maters. Only members of the church, which were limitedto a select few, made decisions for the community.

Rampant fear among the Puritans in the New England village of Salem sparked attacks against anyone who was suspected of witchcraft
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The Puritans believed that man must follow the Bible exactly andtry to communicate directly with God. In order to communicate withGod there had to be no distractions from their religion. In order toachieve this the Puritans held to an austere and Spartan lifestyle. Puritans immersed themselves in their work and avoided art,sculpture, poetry, drama or anything else that might be seen as adistraction. Even home furnishings were simply made of wood. Theresult of this lifestyle of hard work was a community that waswealthy and industrious. Since God was an all knowing and powerfulforce the puritans saw their wealth as a gift from God and a signthat they were correct. The Puritans sought to stamp out anythingthat might interfere in the correctness of their way. Any nonbelievers were considered to be in error and were not to betolerated. Eventually non believers like Roger Williams were drivenout of the New England Colony. (It should be noted that the Puritanshad fled England due to religious persecution and were now themselvespersecuting others.)