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They are a good producer of very pretty brown eggs with tints to terracotta and some pinkish-purplish tones.

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It is the only chicken breed with the official recognition from the Asociacion National de Avicultura, the Cuban national poultry association. They are a dual purpose breed for meat and eggs.

Their name literally means " the Arrow"

They are medium heavy dual-purpose chickens laying a good number of eggs but also yielding a reasonable carcass.
Thus he created a bantam version from scratch using Lakenvelder’s. So both versions of the Vorweck Bantam was not created the same. Both standard and bantam are considered dual-purpose chickens suitable for both meat and egg production.


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and Europe as fighting cocks for the purpose of cockfighting, but today the breed is primarily kept for exhibition.
The plumage of the Mottled is a black base with white markings on the tips of feathers, which imparts a spotted appearance.

Javas are valued for their dual-purpose characteristics.

Photos and breed information for Sussex Chickens, a dual purpose utility breed that is standardised in eight colours and a good layer of cream coloured eggs
Originally a dual–purpose fowl kept for both eggs and meat, and for part of the 1800s one of France's main meat breeds, the Houdan today is primarily a rare show bird.

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To comply with the North American standard they must have no tail and are rumpless.

The ancestors of the modern Araucana chicken were purportedly first bred by the Araucanian Indians of Chile — hence the name "Araucana." The Araucana is a hybrid of two South American breeds: the Collonca (a naturally blue-egg laying, rumpless, clean-faced chicken) and the Quetro (a pinkish-brown egg layer that is tailed and has ear-tufts).

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Marans are an historically dual-purpose bird, prized not only for their dark eggs but for their table qualities as well.

The Marans originate from France, and were imported into the United Kingdom in the 1930s.

During 1929, Lord Greenway was attracted by the particular fleshing qualities of the Marans he saw at the Paris exhibition.

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Orloff’s are a dual-purpose breed, prized for their meat but hens are reasonable layers of approx 200 light brown eggs per year and they don’t usually go broody.

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Some breeders consider hen feathering to have an adverse effect on the fertility of male Sebrights, and may use roosters that don't carry the trait for breeding purposes, despite their automatic disqualification in shows.

Characteristically, Sebrights are only one of a few chicken breeds in which the roosters are hen feathered, meaning they have none of the long, sickle–shaped feathers common in most roosters that appear in the tail, neck and saddle.