• He is on a quest to lose one self and find Nirvana.
  • He is also on a quest to achieve enlightenment.
  • Alex: What do you say we go back?

(George hoots loudly; Ted grabs a fire extinguisher) Stand back, buddy!

He inflates back to his old self.

They had a huge background of goals, history and beliefs.

Can I count on you?
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Miller was fluent in Japanese, English and Spanish, and his favorite food was curry. He was a trained helicopter pilot, having piloted a Huey over to the U.S. missile base in Nicaragua to aid Big Boss in stopping Coldman's plans, as well as piloting it back to Mother Base afterwards.

Every single person is unique due to an individual physical trait.

It is simply the consequence of an intentionally condemned system of suppression and control.
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Critical to Health 2050: Preventive Medicine is addressing conditions during the 80% of their life cycle before they become clinical. In the past, there was little alternative in many cases but to conduct disease treatment based on phenotypic presentation as opposed to underlying disease mechanisms. Disease classification has always been challenging, especially given the realities of biological heterogeneity where it can be difficult to distinguish between one disease presenting in different ways and the same symptom being generated by different pathologies. One important question is how to appropriately group individuals into useful categories, and the basic models for doing so are depicted in .


I should have known way back when.

However, he concluded that , turning him into the universe-conquering Decepticon we know and love.
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When Miller's birth name was revealed as Kazuhira, in the prequel game , his use of the European names "McDonell" and "Benedict" in later life was left unexplained.

People began to change and no longer were they practicing their queen ways.
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After a few children on Mother Base managed to escape, Miller requested Venom Snake to find and bring them back. While Venom worked on recovering the runaway children, the relations between the child soldiers and the mother base staff only worsened, with Eli threatening that they will suffer if the last child is brought back. Eli eventually leads the children in a failed revolt against the staff using make shift weapons, with Ocelot taking charge of the situation as Miller had failed to take precautions as he underestimated Eli's ruthlessness. While Miller admitted that he did fail to act when he should have, he pleaded with the Venom that while he disliked children, he felt that he had a responsibility to show them that there are ways to live in this world without war. Eventually, after realizing the full gravity of the situation with Eli and his threat, Miller then called Snake back to Mother Base after relaying their discovery of both Eli's role in the children's escape and his masterminding an armed revolt against Diamond Dogs, and also notifying him that Eli's likely to be hiding something else before requesting Snake's return to Mother Base. Ocelot had Eli isolated from the other children and later interrogated him, wanting to find out Eli's supposed end game while Venom Snake and Miller watched from the observation room. Eli eventually makes his move and hijacks Shalelanthropus with the help of Rebenok, with the rest of the children hijacking a Diamond Dogs helicopter and taking the pilot hostage. Owing to the unexpectedness of Sahelanthropus being active again, he and the rest of Diamond Dogs then conducted an investigation as to what happened, and eventually learned why it was active again, let alone under Eli and the other escaped children's control: Huey Emmerich had earlier used them to rebuild Sahelanthropus in secret. He then had him interrogated, and forwarded the recording of his interrogation to Venom Snake, assuring him he needed to hear it.

straight into his best friend's back, paralyzing him.

In addition, Miller's leadership was later put into question when Eli repeated defied the Mother Base staff, repeatedly causing incidents that brought harm to the staff. He later began to rally the children against the Mother Base staff, claiming that they would not let them return home and that they were only prisoners. While Ocelot repeatedly requested that they isolate Eli from the other children as he considered his rebellious behavior to be contagious, Miller vehemently objected, saying that Eli deserves a chance to change despite his violent tendencies. When one of the child soldiers Ralph, was seemingly killed in an accident caused by a staff member, Ocelot conveys his suspicions that Eli could be responsible for Ralph's death as the other children no longer trusted any of the staff members charged with looking out for them, although Miller again objected as he believed that Eli was not capable of such machinations.

You mean back to the way I was before: a mean-spirited bully?

Eventually, he reported to Snake that they discovered a radiation leak on the Quarantine Platform, and were currently investigating it. However, while investigating it and trying to evacuate any personnel to another area, they also discovered that there was a second outbreak of the vocal cord parasites, and worse, the wolbachia treatment has no effect this time around. He sent a Level 3 MOPP unit to take care of it, but they had been wiped out by the newly infected staff. He then called Snake back to Mother Base, briefing him on what they had uncovered, due to the serious nature of the situation requiring Snake's presence. Although he planned on sending another unit, Venom Snake volunteered to personally go into the quarantine platform to investigate, with Miller ultimately letting him.

The White Woman Punched In The Face By A Black Cop …

Ultimately, the events of Quiet's sacrifice resulted in their discovering her true identity as the assassin who Big Boss at Cyprus via an MRI scan as well as Code Talker, and worse, she was also infected with the vocal cord parasites, thus explaining her abilities. Suspecting she was carrying the English strain of parasites, and angered at Quiet for her attempt on Big Boss's life, he then proceeded to brutally interrogate her, including dousing her with seawater knowing full well about her ability to drink through skin. However, he reluctantly backed down when both Venom Snake (whom he had earlier called back to base with the discovery) and Ocelot suggested against it, although he was clearly angered at the decision, storming out and shouldering Venom Snake as he left.