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People react differently to stress. Some common symptoms of stress include sleeping problems, sweating or a change in appetite.6,7

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The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture in the UK is one of the biggest contributors to stress among the general population.18

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While traditional working hours are 37 hours a week, the recent and dramatic rise in Britain’s working hours suggests this is likely to increase. 20.1% of the UK working population work 45 hours or more per week.19


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The human costs of unmanaged work related stress is extensive. Feeling unhappy about the amount of time you spend at work and neglecting other aspects of life because of work may increase your vulnerability to stress. Increased levels of stress can, if not addressed early enough, lead to burn-out or more severe mental health problems.

Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, are thought to be the leading cause of work absences, accounting for up to 40% of sickness leave.20 In 2008, mental health accounted for 442,000 cases of work-related illnesses and has had an estimated cost of 13.5 million.21 As a result, mental ill health now accounts for a significant proportion of long-term sickness and early retirement, cited as the leading cause of illness for 20% of NHS employees.22

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Events such as ongoing minor arguments and disagreements, to larger family crises, such as an affair, illness or bereavement are likely to affect the way you think, feel and behave. This may consequently have an impact on your stress levels.

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The effects of the economic crisis have affected everyone in some capacity. Recent statistics from StepChange Debt Charity found an increased demand of 56% for debt advice and support from 2012-2014.23 Citizens Advice have seen a similar increase in the number of people experiencing stress about finances, dealing with 6,407 debt problems every working day.24

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We explored relationships for Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 and how good relationships are vital for our mental health. Watch our animation now:

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A survey conducted in 2013 found that 42% of those seeking debt help had been prescribed medication by their GP to help them cope, while 76% of those in a couple said debt had affected their relationship.25

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The combination of chronic stress and debt can result in depression and anxiety,26 and has been highlighted as a factor linked to suicidal thoughts and attempts.27