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"North American indigenous films after 2000." In: Native features : indigenous films from around the world / Houston Wood.

Construction and Representation of Race/Ethnicity Week …

representations of race and ethnicity

Representation of Ethnicity Lesson objective To define ethnicity and analyse its ..
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However, industry reports support the notion that films that cast >20% minorities made substantially more money than films that cast
Representation of Hmong community within Gran Torino
Eastwood presents us with a watered-down, blanket-representation of a foreign community which has, at least as far as the protagonist is initially concerned, invaded the country he has fought so hard for.

Racism Still Exists, Representations of Black People in Film

Transcript of Construction and Representation of Race/Ethnicity Week 9
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Language as the principal medium

Three Key Concepts to Understand Ideology
Not isolated and separate concepts but part of a chain
Statements made by individuals but not product of individuals
Construct subject positions of identification and knowledge
Hall (cont.)
Two types of racism
Overt racism
Inferential/Covert racism

Stereotypes of blacks in film
The 'native'
Clown or entertainer
All are deeply ambivalent
Wang - A Shot at Half Exposure: Asian Americans in Reality TV
Reality TV allows for greater representation but also reinforces racial stereotype narratives

Historical Racial Narratives
U.S.: individuality, free thinking, ingenuity
Asian: robot efficiency, discipline, control (

Model Minority: berates all groups
Policies failures of other minority groups
Becomes implied foil for white Americans
Looking Ahead - Week 10
Race/Ethnicity Continued
Due tonight: Reading Critique 4 (group 1)

For Monday:
Read: Bacareza Balance, Nakamura, Flores-Yeffal, Vidales, & Plemons

For Wednesday:
Read: Lopez
Concept quiz 5 on race/ethnicity

Mihelich: Smoke or Signals?
Challenging hegemonic representations in popular culture
Pop culture shapes perspectives
Perpetuates "dual" images stereotypes (Hall)
Images parallel experiences but reductive.
Smoke Signals challenges stereotypes.
Contemporary relatable images who "happen to be American Indian"
Both American and Indian (intersectionality)
Specific contemporary community
Familiar human conditions (characters)
Construction and Representation
of Race/Ethnicity (week 9)

McIntosh - Unpacking the Privilege Backpack
White Privilege has been systematically denied and protected
Has never been taught to see race as something that can grant privilege
Not taught to see self as part of a larger system
Specifically attached to skin-color privilege
List of 26 privileges
Daily experiences taken for granted
A pattern of assumptions
Difference between earned strength and unearned power conferred systematically
Unearned advantage and conferred dominance
They take both active forms that can be seen and embedded forms that are taught not to be seen
Benshoff & Griffin - Native Americans and American Film
Justification that denied Native American's humanity.
Cultural texts have represented and reinforced what Native Americans are "like"
Ideologies carried forward from lit to film.
Before Film: Two Stereotypes
Bloodthirsty Savage
Noble Savage
Both see Native Americans barely a step above animals
Guided by instinct, not thought
Without culture or civilization
Inferential/Covert Racism
Richard Sherman and Being Called a Thug
How To Hit on an Asian Girl
Wang cont.
Whiteness vs.


Representations of Black People in Film One day in 1967, ..

The production code andmiscegenation - Race and Ethnicity - film, role, book on Film Reference
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Paul Barrett discusses this disposability in his article "White Thumbs, Black Bodies: Race, Violence, and Neoliberal Fantasies in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas", and puts forward that the lack of intellectual substance of many of the characters creates “a disconnect between any sense of person from the physical makeup of the individual" (2006, p.

I wonder about the ways you see race and ethnicity ..
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Pauline Kael, writing in the , commented that: "The film has its climatic Indian-White love-death, and at the end of Keasy's reversal of the American legend (now the White man is sacrificed for the Indian) is satisfying on the deepest post-myth level." (December 1, 1975; 134).

Race and Ethnicity | Cultural Politics

In their article, "The Hollywood Indian in : A Revisionist View," Margo Kasdan and Susan Tavernetti comment: " In Arthur Penn directed a film that inverts the mythologies of American frontier history usually presented in the western genre, and, in particular, the story of the westward expansion.

Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Media

The film clips used point out the lack of historical facts found in Hollywood films concerning this era have helped perpetuate the concept through generations of viewers.

The Portrayal of Race, Ethnicity and ..

The current study content analyzes the 345 most viewed U.S. television shows within 12 separate television seasons spanning the years 1987 to 2009. Using multilevel modeling, the results from this comprehensive content analysis then are used to predict national‐level racial/ethnic perceptions (between the years 1988 and 2008) with data from the American National Election Studies (ANES). Content analysis results reveal severe underrepresentation of Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americans, and a tendency to depict ethnic minorities stereotypically (e.g., overrepresentation of hyper‐sexualized Latino characters). Multilevel‐modeling analysis indicates that both the quantity and quality of ethnic media representations contributes to Whites’ racial attitudes.

SummaryThis article investigates images of race, sex, ethnicity, ..

Palgrave Macmillan, New York.

Erigha, M 2015, ‘Race, Gender, Hollywood: Representation in Cultural Production and Digital Media's Potential for Change’,
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