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How to write a review for the New FCE exam part 2 – review of a restaurant, hotel etc
Just as there’s a checklist when anything is about to take off, be it a plane or an event—there are some basics that need a little attention in a good review. What’s the ambiance like? Knowing this tells me the occasion this restaurant is ideal for as well as the dress code. How is the service? Is it comparable to the world-class service of French Laundry? Or do they treat you like family like an old Italian restaurant in a hidden corner of North Beach? What about parking? How much planning and lead time do I have to include getting to my reservation on time? And where is it? Is it hard to find? Are they open all 7 days and until what time?

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A good restaurant review should aim to eradicate additional research by the reader unless they want to read on. Everything they need to know to plan a dinner out and make a reservation at this restaurant should be included in the review, if possible.


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We consulted professional food writer , author of “” and the managing editor of “” at to get her tips on how you can write a restaurant review like a pro. Check out her advice below, then to try your hand at a Verified Diner Review!

Assume I’m reading your review because I haven’t been there myself. Cheap or expensive, good or bad are general descriptors that offer little in terms of “beef”. To compel me to go to this restaurant tonight, beg my social networks for an open reservation or start a savings account so I can eat there in one month requires making me feel like I was there with you. It has to convey that this experience is not to be missed.

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Review is an assignment that should give a critical, well-argumentative evaluation of the fact or the event. Depending on the requirements set by your tutor, it may be formal or informal. The main aim is not the style but the aim of the review - critical evaluation of the work. Your argument as well as your opinion plays one of the most important roles in the writing of this type of an essay. Nevertheless, in judging the subject, you should be impartial. While , all your contentions should be backed up with the evidence.

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A good argumentative essay should be able to present the writer’s views with facts, numbers, proof and reason backing it up. It should also leave room for others who wish to refute the writer’s claims, as long they also back up their claims with facts. In short, a good argumentative essay opens up a dialogue about different questions regarding society, ethics, medicine, and even technology. Below are 22 topics that allow an exchange of views and sentiments among peers.

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Even if you raved about only one or two items that you tried during the meal, I suggest offering up some sense of direction for the reader to provide an overall picture of what they should, and will be eating at the restaurant. After all, a meal is much more than one dish. I find that many of my readers ordered exactly what I suggested—even sharing the very dishes I suggested they share. Unlike some others, perhaps you got the chance to try a lot of dishes on that evening and all of them were exquisite; to properly review, you have to enable the reader to do as much, providing a way in which they, too, can have a bite of it all. Recommend they bring more dinner guests and share each dish; suggest they skip appetizers and order two of the main dish because that’s the only thing that’s tantalizing; split this, skip that, order two of those but don’t forget to add that. Provide direction on how to relive your experience.

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Most people write restaurant reviews in an effort to share their own experiences, but also to convince others to either (1) have the same experience, or (2) avoid the entire experience. In either case, a solid restaurant review needs to convince the reader to agree upon and follow-through with the included call-to-action in the review: go, or don’t go.