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  • This underlines the importance of computer education.
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This is also why the education system has made computer education a part of school curriculum.

Role of Computer System in Differents Environment …

Role of Computer System in Differents Environment

Let's look at what role computer technology plays in the education sector.
In the United States, rapid growth occurred in information andcomputer ethics beginning in the mid-1980s. In 1987 the ResearchCenter on Computing & Society was founded at Southern ConnecticutState University. Shortly thereafter, the Director (the presentauthor) joined with Walter Maner to organize “the NationalConference on Computing and Values” (NCCV), funded byAmerica’s National Science Foundation, to bring togethercomputer scientists, philosophers, public policy makers, lawyers,journalists, sociologists, psychologists, business people, andothers. The goal was to examine and push forward some of the majorsub-areas of information and computer ethics; namely, computersecurity, computers and privacy, ownership of intellectual property,computing for persons with disabilities, and the teaching of computerethics. More than a dozen scholars from several different disciplinesjoined with Bynum and Maner to plan NCCV, which occurred in August1991 at Southern Connecticut State University. Four hundred peoplefrom thirty-two American states and seven other countries attended;and the conference generated a wealth of new computer ethics materials– monographs, video programs and an extensive bibliography– which were disseminated to hundreds of colleges anduniversities during the following two years.

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Computers required on a network can be broadly grouped according to the following roles:
At the opposite pole of deskilling is upgrading, the idea that the introduction of technology enhances skill (; ; ; ; Zuboff, 1988). Zuboff () speaks of new work environments that are conducive to workplace democracy. Workers have more information about work processes at their command and rely more on their cognitive abilities and less on their bodies. Hirschhorn () views technology as consuming much of the drudgery of work, freeing the worker for contemplative thought. Piore and Sabel () advance the idea of , which is the antithesis of mass production and calls for workers who can combine formal education, practical skill, and experience. This theory sees a role still for craft knowledge.


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Things become easier to follow, thanks to the use of computers in education.
The Configure Your Server Wizard is one of the main wizards used to perform administrative tasks for Windows Server 2003 computers. The Configure Your Server Wizard configures server roles. Windows Server 2003 provides a new tool for defining and managing server roles, namely, the Manage Your Server utility. The actual Wizard for applying the server roles to computers is the Configure Your Server Wizard. The Configure Your Server Wizard is included with the Manage Your Server utility and is also managed through this utility.

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The job outlook for computer forensics specialists looks very promising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for private detective and investigators (the BLS includes a type of computer forensic investigator in this category) is projected to grow by 21% between 2010 and 2020. For the same time span, the BLS projects 28% growth for network and computer system administrators and 22% for information security analysts. All of these projections are faster compared to the average of all occupations in the United States.

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Active Directory (AD) is a database that stores information about network users, computers and printers. It helps administrators to mange all those resources, and it is required for Exchange Server implementation and Domain Group Policy. We should differentiate Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) and Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS). We can use ADCS to create manage public key certificates. Administrators can use ADCS to bind the identity of a person, device or service to a specific private key.

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Windows Server 2003 introduced the concept of server roles. Server roles basically group related administrative tasks and provide a specific capability or function for the network design. With Windows Server 2003, if a server is configured for a certain server role, then a number of additional services, features, and tools are installed for the server. In this manner, the server is set up to provide users with the required services.


Naturally there is a lot of cross-over of duties between each of these computer forensics job titles. Other job titles within the field of computer forensics include information security specialist, global security investigator, information security forensics Consultant, forensic technologist, digital forensics specialist, vulnerability security research engineer, cyber terrorism liaison officer and more. Mark Zammuto of Champlain College adds that not all companies and organizations have yet recognized their need for computer forensics investigators and digital specialists. He states that in such cases, if you are starting as a help desk technician or network administrator, you may need to show your employer the need for your computer forensic job skills and the advantages of creating such a position for you to fill.