• Kennedy and Ronald Reagan
  • the extensive use of prostitutes by Kennedy.
  • -- George Bush, 2001, before attacks in George W.

Nixon's awkward personality, and a fair number of stolen votes, then passed the Presidency to John Kennedy.

More of the dark side of the Kennedy years emerged later.

George Bush is just as much a New Dealer as John Kerry.

But the real heritage of the Kennedy Administration is still ambiguous.
The Fall of Communism had little effect on the popular Marxist precepts that are still promoted in American politics, and it was the failure of George Bush that he did not attack and explode them when the iron was hot and the evidence obvious.

Kennedy voted with the dissent.

George Herbert Walker Bush; 1989-1993; Republican, Texas; won 1 election, defeated.
When the decision was announced on 28 June 2012, it turned out that the socialists got their way by suborning Chief Justice John Roberts, despite the conventional wisdom that Justice Kennedy was the "swing" vote between the "liberal" (anti-American) and conservative (pro-American) factions.


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George Walker "W" Bush; 2001-2009; Republican, Texas; won 2 elections.
There are many tools for analyzing persuasive symbols, many of which should be utilized when analyzing great communicators such as President Ronald Reagan....

No millionaire spent as much money on politics as George Soros, but it was all against Bush.
the Bay of Pigs invasion in which anti-Castro exiles were left to be slaughtered and captured on the beach after Kennedy backed out on providing them U.S.

He later became known as “The Great Communicator.” ..

While this project was not Kennedy's idea in the first place, his clumsiness in dealing with it can be chalked up to "on the job training." What seemed to be his inexperience, however, led Castro and Khrushchev into thinking that they could get away with placing nuclear missles in Cuba.

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The most curious thing about the Kennedy legacy, however, is how it is that this dedicated Cold Warrior and , who said in his inaugural speech that we were prepared to "pay any price, bear any burden" for the cause of Freedom, whose most famous statement, at the recently constructed Berlin Wall, was "I am a Berliner," and who was assassinated by a loser would-be-Communist, has become the endless project of Leftists (aided, we now know, by the KGB itself) who want to convert him into a crypto- or about-to-become Leftist himself, the victim of a diabolical conspiracy by the forces of the Right, the Pentagon, and Lyndon Johnson, who suspected, or knew, that Kennedy was about to abandon the South Vietnamese into the hands of the Communists.

or "Star Wars" as it came to be known in the press.

Kennedy; 1961-1963; Democratic, Massachusetts; won 1 election, assassinated

A young, witty, and appealing President, and a genuine World War II hero from PT Boat action near New Georgia in the , who, with his wife Jackie and their two children, presided over what Jackie herself, after his assassination, called "Camelot." Although Kennedy's father, Joseph Kennedy Sr., may have made some of his money during Prohibition by rum running (perhaps, indeed, a mark in his favor -- today it all would be seized under tyrannical "civil forfeiture" laws), the Kennedy White House, more so than any time since, had a patrician aura of Old Money.

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This seems to come from people who can't believe that someone so charming and appealing could disagree with about Communism -- perhaps they really don't know that old Joe Kennedy was a great friend of old Joe McCarthy, who was quite welcome at the Hyannis Port Kennedy "compound." They later found Kennedy's brother Robert, who had been an attorney for McCarthy (who became his first child's godfather), agreeing with them rather more, but then he was assassinated by, of all things, a Palestinian, who, since he didn't fit into leftist demonology either, could not, either, have been the real assassin.