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Socrates also was the one who wanted to have a “field day” teaching Saint Augustine.

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Saint Augustine uses his life to display to us the way one’s quest for God should be like.
He founded a community of religious women and on the death of his sister, the first"abbess", he addressed a letter on the general ascetic principles of thereligious life; this letter is known as the "Rule of Saint Augustine".

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For the purposes of this brief reflection, I would like to draw your attention to the more negative aspects of Augustine’s theological aesthetic in his Confessions. Augustine is sometimes cited, by those more inclined to enjoy the arts, as one wary of the dangers of the arts. It is not hard to find quotes such as:


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This high point in the conversion of Saint Augustine took place in the September of386, when he was 32 years old. He, his son Adeodatus and Alipius were baptized by SaintAmbrose at Easter the following year in the presence of saint Monica. She knew that herprayers were answered and died shortly after. Saint Augustine prayed:

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Saint Augustine, who used commonly to be called Austin in English, was born on November13, 354 at Tagaste, a small town of Numidia in north Africa, not far from Hippo. Hisfather, Patricius, was a pagan and of a violent disposition; but through the example andprudent conduct of his wife, Saint Monica, he was baptized a little before his death.

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In Milan, Saint Augustine came under the influence of Saint Ambrose the bishop; hebegan to go to his sermons, not so much with an expectation of profiting by them as togratify his curiosity and to enjoy the eloquence. He found that the discourses morelearned than the heresies he adopted and began to read the New Testament especially SaintPaul's writings. In the same time, the mother of Adeodatus his son left back to Africaleaving the child behind.

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Saint Augustine is one of the greatest Fathers of the Church. He was an originalthinker who became recognized as a remarkable leader of Christian faith. One of theguiding forces in Saint Augustine's life was his Christian mother, Saint Monica.

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Saint Augustine's spiritual, moral and intellectual struggle went on; he was convincedof the truth of Christianity, but his will was weaker than the worldly temptations, anddelayed his return to Christ for many months. "Soon, in a little while, I shall makeup my mind, but not right now" he kept telling himself. In his half desires ofconversion he was accustomed to beg of God the grace of chastity, but was at the same timein some measure afraid of being heard too soon. He realized that his problem was a moralone. The Divine truth for which he was seeking would never be his unless he first overcamehis weakness.

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Soon after, Pontitian, an African, came to visit Saint Augustine and his friendAlipius; he told them about two men who had been suddenly turned to the service of God byreading about the life of Saint Anthony. His words had a powerful influence on the mind ofSaint Augustine. He was ashamed his will has been so weak and said to Alipius: