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Long Term Intensive Classes 2018

One Day and Shorterm Classes 2018 - more to come

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During the Friday evening lecture you will learn the basics of mushroom identification and guidelines for selecting and harvesting local fungi. On our excursion into the woods the next day we will put into practice how to accurately identify and ethically gather the delicious edible and medicinal mushrooms that flourish on the Sonoma Coast and the greater Bay Area. Depending on weather conditions these may include Chanterelles, Russula, Turkey Tails and more... Location of field trip to be decided depending on weather conditions the week before the class.

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Brittany Jade will share practical and accessible ways of preparing and administering plant medicines based on knowledge she has gleaned from living as a Midwife and Herbalist within various Indigenous cultures of the Americas. These traditional treatments are used for treating acute issues, healing past traumas as well as for increasing vitality and longevity. During this day long workshop we will identify and learn about many medicinal plant allies from the Amazonian and Andean regions along with their North American counterparts. We will learn traditional ways of preparing and administering plant medicine and will have a hands on medicine making session towards the end of class.
By attending this class you will take away:
*** When we share specific traditional Indigenous practices of certain Nations we always do so only with the permission and blessing of that community


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Join us as we delve into the amazing world of mushrooms. We will start by exploring mushrooms in general, looking at growth behavior, environmental relationships, and clues to proper identification. There will be many interesting samples on hand to help us learn to ID. We will turn our focus to some of the common medicinal mushrooms discussing both traditional uses and contemporary research on each. Mushroom tincturing is a specific process and we will talk about the most effective extraction methods for each. This will be a wonderful day to get you ready for the upcoming mushroom season!

Each day we will divide our time between lecture and hands on creation of our herbal products.

21st Century Herbal Skin Care is intended to offer an exploration of time tested herbal wisdom merged with modern knowledge of essential oils, hydrosols, infused oils, and globally renowned oils such as Tamanu and Neem oil. We will demystify some current skin care trends; learn about beneficial herbal skin food, and the benefits of feeding the skin. We will discuss simple and effective topical protocols for occasional acne, dandruff, lice, and scar tissue with essential oils and infused oils.

We will spend part of our time together creating delicious and skin nourishing herbal treats. We will make and apply a variety of skin food during class including; clay facial masks with hydrosol, cooling herbal body paste, soothing facial serums, decadent facial and body creams,enlightening hair oils and more. This has become our most popular course, don’t wait to register!

Natural Dyeing with Plants and Mushrooms

(includes materials fee)
Many plants, lichens, and mushrooms will yield amazingly beautiful colorsfor fiber. Join us for a fun and full day of natural dyeing. We will discusshow to extract different pigments and the use of mordants, then we will rollup our sleeves, fire up the dye baths, and see what colors we can get. Wewill make and go home with a sample book of all the colors from the day.

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Come learn about the abundant foods of the forest through lecture, slides and exploring the CSHS garden and back valley. In the afternoon we will taste the local bounty. Learn how to process acorns into tasty food - including a savory dip, roast bay nuts, cook with cattail pollen and more.

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(includes materials fee)
This class is geared for the herbal student and practitioner who has basic medicine making skills and knowledge. In this two day course we will cover the percolation method, which can yield very potent liquid extracts in just 24 - 48 hours, instead of the usual two weeks. We will also discuss how to draw out particular plant constituents to create the strongest medicines, which menstruums to use for particular plants and how to test your results. Completion of our basic medicine making weekend or more is required for this course.

Intermediate - Community Herbalist Training

This is a week-long camp for kids ages 7-10 interested in learning about and interacting with medicinal plants. Each day the kids will have the opportunity to make a craft project based on different medicinal herbs. Together with CSHS herbalist, Jackie Davey, and local artist, Kara Davey, we will make medicines, cook yummy snacks, and get our hands dirty in the spectacular CSHS herb garden. Some of the fun will include: herbal eye pillows, salves, syrups, salts, lavender popsicles, herbal lollipops, harvesting, garlands, and each kid will go home with their very own potted medicinal plant! Don’t miss this opportunity! These camps had a long wait list last year- sign up early to secure a space.

Jackie Davey has over a decade of experience working with children. Jackie has a busy postpartum doula practice, Birth Realm and more recently is an educator for Doula Trainings International. She graduated from the California School of Herbal Studies in 2009 and continues to explore her love of plants co teaching in the CSHS school garden.
Kara Davey brings with her a background in early childhood education with a focus in the creative arts. She recently moved from Venice, CA where she taught both group and private art classes to kids. Currently, Kara is teaching at Wigwam Preschool in Sebastopol, and Cast Away & Folk, in Santa Rosa.