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• the use of control variables for student characteristics that are measured differently across school sectors

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Clonlara operates international offices in Spain, Germany, Hungary and Portugal that provide Off-Campus services in each country’s native language. Clonlara also affiliates with various schools, tutoring centers and programs throughout the world.

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In their ECLS-K analysis, the authors use measures of student characteristics that are different and almost certainly less biased than the ones they use in their NAEP analysis. They similarly find that public schools generate higher student math scores than private schools. The performance differences, however, while statistically significant, are much smaller than those found in the NAEP analysis, which supports the view that control variables used in the NAEP models are biased against private schools.


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The Westfield and Oakton Volleyball Programs will be hosting a Volleyball Camp this summer for rising 7th - 9th graders at Westfield High School ​ during the evenings of July 9, 2018 - July 13...

The federal stimulus, no doubt, helped states find money to pay for both prisons and other basic state services as tax revenue eroded. When future budget years arrive, however, and states and counties try to balance their books without the assistance of the federal stimulus, young people will experience more of the same: school closings, teacher layoffs, diminished after-school programs, and rising tuition at colleges and universities. All of this will happen while prison spending grows.

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A similar problem arises with measuring special education needs with the IEP data. The authors acknowledge this concern in a footnote in an appendix, noting, “There may be differences in IEP use in public and private schools.” On this point the Lubienskis are absolutely correct. My colleagues and I have shown that such differences exist in a study that followed a group of students into and out of public and private schools in Milwaukee (see “,” , Summer 2012). The same student was about twice as likely to be classified as having a disability when observed in a public compared to a private school. Simply omitting the IEP variable from the statistical model, the authors admit, improves the statistical estimate of the relative performance of the private school sector so that it is approximately equal to or only slightly below the public school sector.

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This tradeoff between education and incarceration is particularly acute at the community level. In many urban neighborhoods where millions of dollars are spent to lock up residents, the education infrastructure is crippled. As the prison population skyrocketed in the past three decades, researchers began to notice that high concentrations of inmates were coming from a few select neighborhoods -- primarily poor communities of color -- in major cities. These were dubbed "million -- dollar blocks" to reflect that spending on incarceration was the predominant public -- sector investment in these neighborhoods. NAACP research shows that matching zip codes to high rates of incarceration also reveals where low-performing schools, as measured by math proficiency, tend to cluster. The lowest-performing schools tend to be in the areas where incarceration rates are the highest. The following examples are instructive.

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By examining the three types of high school education options, private, public, and magnet it becomes apparent that each provides its students with a premium education. It is true that there are a number of students in public schools who are failing, but they are offered the opportunity to get good education, but they choose not to accept this. So the opportunity is there, students just need to make an effort to find it. When choosing between a private, public, or magnet school, parents need not worry about which one provides a better education because each one had ample opportunities available for academic success.