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Before I begin analysing its use today it`s important to first establish what Scientific Management means.

Scientific management or Taylorism is the name of the approach ..

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Taylor's early work life and techniques of scientific management and its success.
It has three schools of thinking: Bureaucratic management, which focuses on rules and procedures, hierarchy and clear division of labour; Scientific management, which looks at ‘the best way’ to do a job; and Administrative management, which emphasises the flow of information within the organisation....

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His book The Principles of Scientific Management has been translated into many languages.
Source for quotes is:
Taylor, Frederick W., 1964, Scientific Management - ComprisingShop Management, The principles of Scientific Management andTestimony before the Special House Committee, Harper and Row

Note: All the quotes are from 'Scientific Management' This needsto be highlighted, since the edition restarted page numbers foreach separate section. That is, page numbers are not unique.


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The oldest school of thought was the scientific management by Frederick Winslow Taylor.
Divide work nearly equally between managers and workers, so that the managers apply scientific management principles to planning the work and the workers actually perform the tasks.

In this era of rapid economic development and industrial expansion of different nations, scientific management has enabled every nation to be involved in this global market.

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It is important to realize maximum output from every individual or machine and it is only through embracing scientific management that these problems could be solved....

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While scientific management principles improved productivity and had a substantial impact on industry, they also increased the monotony of work. The core job dimensions of skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback all were missing from the picture of scientific management.

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In another study of the "science of shoveling", Taylor ran time studies to determine that the optimal weight that a worker should lift in a shovel was 21 pounds. Since there is a wide range of densities of materials, the shovel should be sized so that it would hold 21 pounds of the substance being shoveled. The firm provided the workers with optimal shovels. The result was a three to four fold increase in productivity and workers were rewarded with pay increases. Prior to scientific management, workers used their own shovels and rarely had the optimal one for the job.

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While in many cases the new ways of working were accepted by the workers, in some cases they were not. The use of stopwatches often was a protested issue and led to a strike at one factory where "Taylorism" was being tested. Complaints that Taylorism was dehumanizing led to an investigation by the United States Congress. Despite its controversy, scientific management changed the way that work was done, and forms of it continue to be used today.

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The primary focus will be to critically discuss how the various methods of scientific management are applicable to the chosen organization, which in this case will be Ford Motors.