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The military did not know the precise time and place of the attack. Nor could it imagine Japan's will to take so desperate a gamble. And the broken code was too secret to share with commanders in the field. Above all, rivalries among and within the intelligence services meant that information was divided, hoarded, blocked, scattered. No one controlled the pieces of the puzzle.

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In early October, as Delta Flight 836 readied for takeoff from Honolulu bound for Atlanta, the pilot came over the intercom to announce that this would be an “honor flight” carrying in its hold the remains of Navy Chaplain Aloysius Schmitt from the Pearl Harbor attack.


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OFF MAGAZINE LOCH — A pair of large picture windows in the second-floor commodore’s corner office overlooking Pearl Harbor here immediately draw the eye of any visitor who enters the room.

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A nuclear attack submarine occupies the forward section of the dry dock. December 7, 2016, will mark the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the U.S. into WWII. -- Photo by Jasper Colt, USA TODAY staff ORG XMIT: JC 135352 Hawaii memorials 9/28/2016 [Via MerlinFTP Drop]

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NAVY YARD — A battle all its own unfolded in this ship-repair zone south of Ford. The Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard is today a restricted area, though a special exception was made recently for a USA TODAY visit.

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It came to be called the Dungeon. When the threat of war loomed in the Pacific in 1941, Navy families on Ford Island learned that the bunker would be their bomb shelter; when the Pearl Harbor attack came, that’s exactly how it was used.

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In a speech delivered by then-President Franklin Roosevelt to a joint session of Congress, he proclaimed December 7, 1941, "", as the Imperial Japanese Navy surprisingly attacked the USA naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

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They were fatal in the Battle of the Bulge, China's entry into the Korean war and Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. For decades, people feared the ultimate intelligence failure: a nuclear Pearl Harbor.

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There were PBY Catalina seaplanes here, used for long-distance reconnaissance and submarine warfare. Kaneohe was one of several airfields across Oahu targeted by the Japanese before they concentrated their attack on the Pacific fleet moored at Pearl Harbor.

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As Japanese fighters and bombers pummeled what was then Naval Air Station, Kaneohe Bay — 30 miles northeast of Pearl Harbor along Oahu’s Windward Coast — Finn set up a .30-caliber machine gun out in the open on the ramp and started blasting away at enemy aircraft.