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When you do obtain a social security Time To Abolish 'Selective Service'Military slavery is always a pure evil.

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willfully fail to do so, until you receive your Selective Service Registration Card.
Many are applauding these changes as an important step towards “equality” and recognition of women’s capabilities. But the focus on equality is masking the underlying injustice of the law in the first place. The more important issue is that forcing anyone to register for Selective Service is unjust because it is based on coercion (and has the potential to place otherwise peaceful people into violent situations). Let’s examine why.

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The Selective Service System has maintained that they have implemented a number of reforms that would make the draft more fair and equitable.
No one has been prosecuted for failure to comply with draft registration since 1986, in part because prosecutions of draft resisters proved counter-productive for the government, and in part because of the difficulty of proving that noncompliance with the law was "knowing and willful". Many people don't register at all, register late, or change addresses without notifying the Selective Service System.


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Gives an overview on the Draft in the US as well as the Selective Service System.
In 1980, Congress re-instated the requirement that young men register with the Selective Service System. Currently, male U.S. citizens and many male aliens living in the U.S., if age 18 through 25, are required to register with the Selective Service System, which describes its mission as "...to serve the emergency manpower needs of the Military by conscripting untrained manpower, or personnel with professional health care skills, if directed by Congress and the President in a national crisis."

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UPDATE #3, 11/17/08: Some Obamapologists are claiming this is a fake and want to see evidence that retired agent Coffman actually got these documents from the Selective Service System Data Management Center. Below are scans of the letter and envelope that accompanied Barack Obama’s fraudulent registration for the draft (I’ve cropped the blank white space):

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The recently retired federal agent has requested that I disclose his identity so that there is no question as to the source of the information.
His name is Stephen Coffman. He retired last year from the position of the Resident Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Galveston, Texas office. He has over 32 years of government service and has held a Secret or higher security clearance for the majority of those years.
He filed the FOIA with Selective Service and has the original letter and the attachments. He first notified the Selective Service of his findings and they ignored the questions.
He can be reached via email at .

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The last US draft lottery took place in 1972, and President Ford eliminated the registration requirement in 1975. President Jimmy Carter brought the system back in 1980 to protest Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and it has remained in place ever since. The Selective Service currently uses the slogan “” and will presumably have to change that if indeed the Senate plan is adopted.

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While the Republican majority is split on the matter, there is also some bipartisan support for an alternative plan to do away with the Selective Service program outright, which would be every bit as “equal,” and a lot cheaper than registering everyone for a draft that doesn’t exist, and which most top officials insist, at least during election years, that they don’t want.

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The provisions for conscientious objection to the draft have also been viewed as unfairly discriminatory, favoring religious objection over non-religious objection. Alternative mandatory service can assuage objections based on peace and non-violence, but does nothing for those whose objections arise from strongly held convictions about freedom. Many who object to the draft find it directly conflicts with the liberty clause they committed themselves to in the Pledge of Allegiance. The counter argument to this position is that with the rights of a republic, come inherent responsibilities.