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30/11/2017 · Florida prosecutors may seek death penalty for ex-St. John's athlete suspected of Tampa serial killings

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John E. Robinson Sr., the prolific serial killer from Olathe who stored the bodies of some of his victims in barrels, will remain on death row, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled Friday.

Death sentences are handed down arbitrarily, not in a fair manner

2014-06-19 · Should we have the death penalty for psychopaths who kill in cold blood
After his Johnson County trial, Robinson pleaded guilty to the Cass County killings. He also admitted to killing Paula Godfrey, 19, and Catherine Clampitt, 27, both of whom never were found after vanishing in the 1980s. In exchange for those guilty pleas, Koster agreed to a life sentence instead of seeking the death penalty.


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5) And we have been extremely generous to the anti death penalty positionwith our numbers to begin with. I suspect that an average life without parolesentence costs closer to $150,000-$300,000, for all pre-trial, trial and appeals,as opposed to the $75,000 used in our study.