• “She is like my sister
  • trying to fuck with me because she's my little sister
  • She's like my sister and means the world to me!

Prince Harry and Prince William have a forgotten step-sister - and she may be at the royal wedding. The Royal family is a little bigger than you may remember

my friend and his sister have a relationship kinda like yours.

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Kesha and I were friends for many years and she was like my little sister.
A viewpoint adverb generally comes after a noun and is related to an adjective that precedes that noun: You will sometimes hear a phrase like "scholastically speaking" or "financially speaking" in these circumstances, but the word "speaking" is seldom necessary.A focus adverb indicates that what is being communicated is limited to the part that is focused; a focus adverb will tend either to limit the sense of the sentence ("He got an A just for attending the class.") or to act as an additive ("He got an A in addition to being published."Although negative constructions like the words "not" and "never" are usually found embedded within a verb string — "He has never been much help to his mother." — they are technically not part of the verb; they are, indeed, adverbs.

My sister said it was all right to be like that, she had clothes on.

“If you have a sister and she dies, ..
We also have a little boy at our school who LOVES to dress up as Elsa, adores his baby doll and loves playing with the girls. He doesn’t like fighting the boys much. The other boys call him a sissy. They tell him he can’t use the boys’ toilets as he is a GIRL.


“For there is no friend like a sister In calm or stormy weather;

She told the nursing sister that she also suffered from ..
"We both have green eyes... we both have freckles, and we both have slightly buck teeth and we're both blonde and she's very hyper like I am," Dove dishes to M. Wow, now that she points out all those similarities, we realize she's the spitting image of Rapunzel!

my bestfriend KellI she is like my sister she has been.
But she's not the only Disney star that loves Rapunzel... or looks like her either! Check out this super adorable Instagram photo that I Didn't Do It star Olivia Holt posted yesterday.