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A short summary of Bobbie Ann Mason's Shiloh. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Shiloh.

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Shiloh and Other Stories by Bobbie Ann Mason

SHILOH written by:Bobbie Ann Mason by shania knight on Prezi
They could become reacquainted."

Food for Thought:
Do people have to change if society as a whole changes?
Does conflict inspire change or does change inspire conflict?
"Shiloh, and Other Stories" Main Points
Understanding Bobbie Ann Mason,
Price analyzes central conflicts in the story, such as "the desires to stay at home, to leave, or to return; to recover the past or to forget it; to 'let go' or to seek safety in 'hanging on.'
She argues that people and society change together
If one only half of a relationship changes, it can cause conflict
When does Mason first associate Norma Jean to music?
What does the music mentioned throughout the story relate to?
Food for Thought:
"An Overview of 'Shiloh'" by Henningfield
"Norma Jean's mother, Mabel Beasley, is there.

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Bobbie Ann Mason's "Shiloh" Discussion Questions

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For the past few years, she has been urging Leroy and Norma Jean to visit the Civil War battleground there."(Mason 807)

Food for Thought:
In what ways does "Shiloh" relate to a traditional Grail quest?
How does Leroy relate to a Grail king?
"The Wounded King" Main Points
Southern Literary Journal,2004
Mason relates Leroy's injury to a typical Grail King injury, however Leroy's injury castrates him psychologically instead of physically.
Although Leroy's injury doesn't castrate him physically, it castrates him psychologically because he can't drive his truck anymore, which symbolized his manhood.
About Bobbie Ann Mason
Raised on a dairy farm in western Kentucky.
Earned her B.A.

Explain what happens in "Shiloh" by Bobbie Ann Mason

"'Following a Serpentine Brick Path:' the Fiction of Bobbie Ann Mason." by Ditsky
"'What's that thing?' Mabel says to Leroy in a loud voice, pointing to a tangle of yarn on a piece of canvas.
Leroy holds it up for Mabel to see.

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"Mason's Shiloh" Main Points
The Explicator
Symbolism of Houses
Mason’s references to houses throughout her short story “Shiloh” parallel Leroy's perception of marriage.
Subdivisions are spreading across western Kentucky like an oil slick.

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*Note that this sample citation has some correct info about listing the primary source from our Norton, but you’ll need to edit it to reflect Bobbie Ann Mason’s “Shiloh.

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in English at the University of Connecticut- 1972.
Has lived in Kentucky, New York, and Connecticut.
"The Wounded King" by Bentley
"Leroy has been collecting temporary disability since his tractor-trailer jack-knifed in Missouri, badly twisting his left leg in its socket." (Mason 804)

Food for Thought:
How does Leroy's injury differ from a traditional Grail King injury?
In what ways does Leroy's injury incapacitate him?
by Bobbie Ann Mason

"The Ambiguous Grail Quest in 'Shiloh'" Main Points
Studies in Short Fiction, 1995
Mason's"Shiloh" has the typical plot line as that of a traditional Holy Grail story.
"Shiloh" is just like that of a traditional Grail quest because Leroy has an ultimate goal in mind, saving his marriage, and he goes on a "quest" to figure out how to save it.
"Mason's Shiloh" (Homes) by Blythe & Sweet
"Norma Jean is probably right about a log house being inappropriate here in the new subdivisions.

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In Bobbie Ann Mason's "Shiloh" and Ryan Harty's "Why the Sky Turns Red when the Sun Goes Down", the couple in both stories are standing at the crossroads of their life where changes have happened and decision have to be made....