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Incarceration rates have also increased due to the increase of laws against illegal drugs.

Legalization is an option that should be heavily considered.

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The United  reports an estimated 25to 30 million addicts of illegal drugs worldwide.
6. It is not drugs that are in question, but the human, psychological andexistential issues implicit in this kind of behaviour. All too often we do notwant to understand these issues and forget that it is not the product thatcreates the addiction, but the person who feels the need for it. Products maydiffer but the basic reasons remain the same. Thus the distinction between"hard drugs" and "soft drugs" is irrelevant.

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There should be a “regulatory framework around illicit drugs, rather than a blanket prohibition”.
Actually, it's quite logical these drugs
would be easily available if legalized, and the number of users will increase
because there won't be any breaking of laws that will end imprisonment.


10 Reasons to legalise all drugs

After being altered with the effects of the use of illegal drugs on bodies,
brains, societies and nations, some people are brave enough to come forward and
campaign for the legalization of illicit drugs will reduce the number of addicts
and users, crime and deaths (Hyde 29).

The following suggestions were made at a meeting at a meeting of the
Senate Committee Drugs and Crime held on April 4, 1989, to reduce the drug
problem: put more police on the streets, both to arrest drug dealers and to give
people a visible sense of hope; increase the number of prosecutors so that
arrests are meaningful: increase prison capacity, perhaps by using army bases
that are being phased out; increase drug education in schools; help the coast
guard interdiction; and learn more about drugs from health authorities.

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But so canaspirin, countless other over-the-counter drugs and common household items;yet the proven hazards of matches, modeling glue and lawn mowers are notused as reasons to make them all illegal.

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Innocent people
are injured or killed simply in order to continue the distribution and the use
of these isgusting and correctly illegal drugs (78).

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If we are concerned about the influence of organized crime ongovernment, industry and our own personal safety, we could strike no singlemore damaging blow against today's gangsters than to legalize drugs.

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The Drugs that are made illegally in the world are astounding; it goes for stupid money and the people that get addicted to it have to steal from their families to satisfy their addiction, it is the only way they think that they can get on in life.

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The only thing that the crowds in Parliament Square and their celebrity supporters have got wrong is not going far enough. Simply calling for an end to criminalisation of possession does not address the underlying causes. The production of drugs still creates failed states in Central America and Asia. And the supply of drugs is still controlled by criminal gangs, rather than by - as is the case in the legal supply of medical opiates, for instance - lawful bodies. The , a lobby group campaigning for drug law reform, has suggested : largely harmless ones like caffeine available over the counter, others such as cannabis and alcohol only in licensed premises for over-18s, and cocaine and heroin only on prescription for addicts. Whether that’s exactly the right approach I don’t know, but it’s that sort of more nuanced thinking which is required.

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The use of illegal drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroin and marijuana have
been proved to cause unbelievable damage and harm to the body and brain.