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The very best of Sicily's culture. Arts, music, fashion, cinema, theatre, history, cuisine, books and much more.

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Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice: explore the best of Italy with a variety of tours and packages
Public Lust: During the passeggiata(afternoon stroll) in larger Southern cities, it's not unusual for undisciplinedyoung men to call out to attractive young women they don't know with remarkslike "Bella!" and "Pupa!" Sicilian women are quite accustomedto such behavior, though they usually don't encourage it. In itself, suchpractices are usually innocuous, but they do reflect the persistent attitudesof some Italian men accustomed to viewing women as potential sexual conquestsrather than social equals. Throughout Italy, sexual harrassment is somewhatcommon in the workplace (or at least moreso than in the US and the UK),and southern men seem to do it more openly than northerners.

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African, Bosnian, and Albanian immigrants, the second religion of Italy today is Islam
Everything advertised on website is legal and reliable, but we cannot speak for the others. (Yes, that may seem self-serving but it's a simple reality.) As regards such services generally (personalized excursions and the like), the most important factor is whether the person or firm you are paying is fully insured. Imagine, for example, a visit to Agrigento or Segesta: Do those offering these excursions cover basic liability if you, the client, fall and suffer an injury between the parking area and the temples? Here in Italy, a licensed tour operator or taxi driver qualifies for such insurance; a "cultural association" or "independent" driver/guide might not, despite what they may tell you. (For this reason, we do not accept their advertising on this website.) Potential injuries aside, your tour or excursion will become most unpleasant if your "guide" is stopped by police and his car is impounded during tour – we know of such cases. We agree that free or low-cost services are appealing, but we prefer fully insured ones; that also includes specialists like , who should be licensed. The fact that somebody sets up a "cultural association" and uses his personal vehicle to take visitors on excursions around Sicily doesn't make him a licensed, insured tour operator even if he publishes attractive brochures, appears on travel-oriented websites and to have "worked in this field" for many years. We don't wish to discourage independent travel services. All we're suggesting is: Caveat emptor. And be safe!


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Hours vary greatly from place to place. The most annoying aspect aboutSicilian hours, compared to those in Milan and a few other northern cities,is the three-hour afternoon break from 1 till 4, when almost everythingis closed except for a few restaurants. Early evening closings are anotherfact of life here; don't expect to find a supermarket open after 8 PM. Mostpharmacies are also closed at night, though a few in each quarter have nightschedules to accommodate emergencies. In August, many stores are closedin the afternoons, and some are closed altogether for at least two weeksin the middle August (Ferragosto).

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