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Managing Human Resources in Sport Organizations Theories, research and current practices emphasizing the fundamentals of managing sport employees.

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What does Berger mean when he refers to sociologists as "Professional Peeping Toms?" When Berger refers to sociologists as "Professional Peeping Toms", he means to "unmask the pretensions and the propaganda by which men cloak their actions with each other." An example would be: observing how a family really interacts with each other, responds to their environment, etc., behind closed doors without them knowing so that they cannot fake the way they reall...

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Understanding Sport Industry Sectors Macro aspects of the sport industry, including key actors, governance, funding, current research and industry trends in public, commercial, and non-profit sectors.


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Sport and the Consumer Comprehensive analysis of the consumers of sport and the behaviours dictating their consumption of sport and sport-related goods and services.

Honours Research Project Analysis of research assumptions and methodologies in sport management, including a group research project identifying a research problem, reviewing literature and research methods completing an ethics application, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting the findings.

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The emergence of these ideals temporarily displaced social disorganization theory, which stresses a rapidly changing environment as the cause of deviant behavior.