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  • Everything produced in the  1950's was hierarchical.
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For African-American athletes, overcoming the color barrier in pro sports was only the beginning of their success.

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By the 1950s all major pro sports were integrated and television brought the integration home.
Attending the game as a personal friend of Drew, baseball great Dizzy Dean, living in Texas at the time, told the Birmingham News to "watch that Bear Bryant out our way next year. He'll have a team at Texas A&M. You know, he never did take a bad beating."

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Three years later, the United States Supreme Court ruled in his favor and Ali boxed again.
The decade that was to end with a rarity — the White Sox in a World Series — began with something even rarer: the Phillies won a pennant. That had not happened since 1915 and would not happen again for thirty years. And one thing about the 1950 Phillies was a harbinger of what soon would become baseball's biggest on-field change since the advent of the lively ball. It was the rise of the relief pitcher. The Phillies' Jim Konstanty became the first relief pitcher to win an MVP award. Thirty-three and peering toward the plate through wire-rimmed glasses, Konstanty won 16, lost 7, and had an ERA of 2.66. Those are nice numbers, but not the ones that were then startling: he pitched only 152 innings but appeared in 74 games.


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the other group was the greasers, which are best represented in the musical "Grease"
Luis Ernesto Aparicio, who for four years was a White Sox teammate of Saturnino Orestes Armas "Minnie" Minoso from Havana, Cuba, was the second Venezuelan to play shortstop for the Sox. Aparicio followed Chico Carrasquel and has in turn been followed into the major leagues by a long line of Latin American players, often middle infielders, who have made baseball more multicultural and, more to the point, better. At 5'9" and 160 pounds, Aparacio was well-matched with second baseman Nellie Fox (5'10", 160 pounds) on the "Go Go Sox." That team's attack, such as it was, consisted in no small part of those two pesky people spraying singles, hitting-and-running, and stealing bases. Together they took the Sox to the 1959 World Series, and took baseball back to the future.

was a hard-used racer for several years, and sports the traditional roof fin.
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In July 2016, Biles wowed gymnastics fans with an impressive performance, winning the all-around title and first in the floor exercise and vault. She earned a spot on the 2016 Olympic team along with fellow gymnasts Laurie Hernandez, , , and Madison Kocian.

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The basic criticism of fifties baseball is that it was a one-dimensional, station-to-station, stand-around-and-wait-for-lighting-to-strike game. The basic, and often the only, strategy was to get a couple of runners on base and get Godzilla to the plate to blast the ball into the next postal zone (in those days before zip codes). The criticism is correct.

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In 1950 the Red Sox won 94 games and finished just 4 games behind the Yankees, in spite of a pitching staff with an embarrassing ERA of 4.88. Discerning fans had an anticipation of fifties baseball: "This isn't going to be pretty — but it's sure going to be fun." Loads of fun, but the somewhat limited fun of a long fireworks display — lots of flash and crash but not long on nuance. After all, in 1950 the Red Sox's Dom DiMaggio led the league in steals with a measly 15, the lowest league-leading total ever. No one would steal more than Willie Mays's 40 in 1956 — no one until 1959, when Luis Aparicio stole 56 for the White Sox. He and that team were signals that the game was going to be different in the next decade.

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Biles soon emerged as a force to be reckoned with at the senior elite level, bursting into the spotlight as the all-around winner at the 2013 U.S. P&G Championships. Also that year, she delivered a historic showing at the World Championships by becoming the first female African-American athlete to win gold in the all-around. As she explained to The Hollywood Reporter, this impressive victory likely served as an example to other young gymnasts: "I think it inspires a lot of the little girls out there to go in the gym and train harder," she said.