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RE: jbklyn88: Um, and just why does this person have to brush up on their Political Correctness? Is your personal constitution that weak that it can not stand up to a differing opinion? Are you made of sugarplums or something? Speaking of ignorance, if you were born here you are an American, not German, Italian, Asian, etc. etc.....American. Unless of course, your mother had a teleporter at her disposal during labor and visited Italy, Germany and all of Asia, then I would stand corrected. Also, if you weren't born here, you are a foreigner.

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I went to visit Bensonhurst in 2000 and ran into two nice Sicilian old timers. We spoke Italian as my wife is 100% Italian and my grandparents are pugliese. I was curious to see how it was as it was deemed the authentic Little Italy of NY. So I did see some oriental and a few Italians and some Italian shops on 18th Ave. The houses looked really nice and the neighborhood around 62-65th st. seemed clean. These two siciliani were explaining to us about the Santa Rosalia church and feast. Nice guys. I think one had lived in Switzerland many years before emigrating to Brooklyn. Grazie


Can you feel the presence of a ghost? Why?

This is a VERY interesting subject, to me
Hey John Doe...You are all over this WEB SITE... lol. It's so funny how your cousin,My good friend found this web site.. I didnt forget about that favor you asked me a few weeks ago. I will talk to u about that another time.. But it's great seeing all these people responding to this web site.. Hi Ray .. I know who u are. And You know Me, But i will come back on when i have more time.. I lived on Bath Ave also across from Julies candy store. Some of my family is still. there. Take care everyone. Till next time.. Hi Lou...Talk to you later..lOUISIANA GIRLS ... I HUNG OUT WITH CAMMY FOR MANY YEARS, THERE WAS ALSO PAT, DENISE, DONNA ETC...

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i went to a cemetery (at night) and we were waiting for my dad to finish eating, then we would get out and look around. well we started feeling really weird. kinda like we were not welcome. its hard to explain. we were sitting in the truck for about 20 min, then my dad started backing up saying we got to go. well as we were leaving he told us why he wanted to go…because something whispered in his ear leave. he was so spooked that he didnt want to ever go back. a little before that happened, me and my friend felt like we were just going to cry. we were getting really hot then had the feeling that somebody was following us. once we left, we saw a bright blue light right where the truck was and the light didn't move. this wasn't the first time something like that happened to us at that place, it was just the most recent. it was at 12:00 am today. it was super scary. i never felt like that before.

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And he's got lots more music to share." Steve's first single "Closer" has just been released to radio worldwide and is available from all major music sites, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and others

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Can you feel the presence of a ghost

Just keep your self quite absorb the energy level around you and your room. if there is a spirit (difference in energy level) in your room you can feel that as someone is standing or sitting etc at a particular place. if so just try to talk to them. if they respond to you then its fine (if they are harsh and angry and dont try to talk to them again and again. just leave them). Id there is something, carry on with your day to day activity. if they dont respond to you, then its not that. there is something maybe, but you dont have to worry. walk out and carry on with your day. but dont get scared. spirits cant harm you. they can't harm humans as we see in the movies. I'm sure there is nothing in your home or with you.

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I lived at 109 Bay 8th Street around 1935 ... I am 80 years old .... live in SI but my heart has always been in Brooklyn. I remember the Esposito banana truck. It was burgundy colored with gold printing on the sides ... my father lost this hope in the depression... then we rented all over Brooklyn ... 1234 69th Street, 82nd St. & 12th Avenue, Avenut T and E. 53rd Street ... and many more. Does anyone know Harry Foti, our next door neighbor?

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Inspiration came from having discussions with friends over the years and how we all find ourselves in a position from time-to-time with our spouses and/or girlfriends that we need to apologize for something...and not always knowing "exactly" what for!