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4 Steps to Dealing with Everyday Stress — SitePoint

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4 Steps to Dealing with Everyday Stress

Stress Symptoms, Signs, and Causes Improving Your Ability to Handle Stress
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That's what happens to me every day

You can choose how you handle the stress and even what causes stress in your life.
Absenteeism due to job stress has excalated
According to a survey of 800,000 workers in over 300 companies, the number of employees calling in sick because of stress tripled from 1996 to 2000. An estimated 1 million workers are absent every day due to stress. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work reported that over half of the 550 million working days lost annually in the U.S. from absenteeism are stress related and that one in five of all last minute no-shows are due to job stress. If this occurs in key employees it can have a domino effect that spreads down the line to disrupt scheduled operations. Unanticipated absenteeism is estimated to cost American companies $602.00/worker/year and the price tag for large employers could approach $3.5 million annually. A 1997 three year study conducted by one large corporation found that 60% of employee absences could be traced to psychological problems that were due to job stress.

The more comfortable you get with your fears, the less apt you will be to express them through anger. Many people respond to fear with anger, because human beings don’t like being exposed or open to being harmed and shamed. You’ll have healthier more satisfying relationships, if you start working on these fears today.

I've reduced a lot of the stress in my life.

Americans are working longer and harder
A 1999 government report found that the number of hours worked increased 8% in one generation to an average 47 hrs/week with 20% working 49 hrs/week. U.S. workers put in more hours on the job than the labor force of any other industrial nation, where the trend has been just the opposite. According to an International Labor Organization study, Americans put in the equivalent of an extra 40-hour work week in 2000 compared to ten years previously. Japan had the record until around 1995 but Americans now work almost a month more than the Japanese and three months more than Germans. We are also working harder. In a 2001 survey, nearly 40% of workers described their office environment as “most like a real life survivor program.”

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Millions of people suffer from stress every day

Hello Anwer, thank you for stopping by. First, you have a problem that is quite common today, unfortunately. Many people feel entitled to everything and committed to very little. This is a sad situation. And, you are right, is a problem of responsibility, ethics, and commitment to people other than oneself. I have a couple thoughts with regard to your question. No matter who your loved ones are, children, spouse, siblings, you can relieve yourself by not giving as much of yourself. Anwer, many people, sadly, do not respond to our words, but they do respond to actions. There may be things you can do to protect yourself from feeling used or worn down by them. I do not know the details of your life, so I can’t say what you should do, but I am sure you can find some things to hold back, so you don’t get hurt.

and massively reduce the effect stress has on your life

Anwer, I’m glad you read this article. Mask of hurt may be something that is happening for you. Also, if you say what upsets you, you are less apt to be overly angry over time. Expressing your needs and wishes is not the same as inappropriate anger. Don’t let upset and anger eat away at you. It may be good for them, but not for you. I just posted a photo on my Facebook page for Psychology in Everyday Life that says–what may be good for them, may not be good for you. Remember this and take this wisdom to heart.