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Media, unrestrained by a formal Declaration of War, quickly moved to the forefront of the anti-Vietnam crusade.

After Japanese troops occupy Vietnam during World War II, ..

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What was coverage of the war like, and did it affect the image of the Vietnam veteran?
In pursuance of its traditional policy, the United States will contribute to healing the wounds of war and to postwar reconstruction of the Democratic Republic of Viet-Nam and throughout Indochina.

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All of these factors combined to turn the American public against the Vietnam War.

Nick quickly released that without help Kim would die and so drove her and other injured family members to the hospital. Kim already thought she was doomed and while reporters and soldiers tried to treat her horrible wounds she told her brother Tam, “I think I am going to die.” Driving an hour to the provincial Vietnamese hospital in Cu Chi, halfway up the highway to Saigon, Kim passed out from the pain.
The hospital was used to war injuries, and after years of civil war knew that Kim’s chances of living were slim to none and tried to triage her, or put her aside so they could treat other wounded who had better chances of living. Only at Nick’s urging that the girl had been photographed and her picture would be shown all over the world did the hospital staff agree to operate. Nick didn’t leave to develop his film until she was put on the operating table. At first his editors refused to run it because she was naked but when nick explained that she had no clothes because they had been burned off her body they changed their minds and sent it around the world.


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After the communist take over of China in 1949, they had offered the North Vietnamese sanctuaries, weapons, war materials and training.
- The armed revolution beginsas Ho Chi Minh declares a People's War to unite all of Vietnam under hisleadership. His Politburo now orders a changeover to an all-out militarystruggle. Thus begins the Second Indochina War.

Veteran C, therefore, does not believe that the media cost the U.S the Vietnam War; rather, he blames the lies and deceptions of the government.
However, Dean Acheson’s unexpected January speech triggered the communist invasion of South Korea and full communist support for the war in Vietnam was delayed until the cessation of hostilities on the Korean peninsular in Jun 1953.

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Chinese historian Chen Jian wrote “Although Beijing’s support may have fallen short of Hanoi’s expectations, without the support, the history, even the outcome, of the Vietnam War might have been different.” A quote on the Chinese advisory effort, from NVA Colonel Bui Tin, provides illumination.

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By late 1953 (Dien Bien Phu fell on 7 May 54) the flow of communist war materials (both Soviet and Chinese) into Vietnam reached upwards of 6,000 tons per month.

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The end of the Korean War made it possible for the communists to start shipping enormous amounts of weapons and other war materials to the communist forces in Vietnam.

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As I grew older, however, I noticed in movies and on television that the Vietnam veteran is not portrayed as a brave soldier; rather, he is a violent psychopath who continuously experiences flashbacks of the war.

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The Truman Administration’s unfortunate choice of words, had led to the US becoming involved in the Korean War in much the same manner that, 14 years later, President Johnson’s irresponsible campaign rhetoric would result in America having to commit combat troops in Vietnam.