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First, it serves to portray Telemachus' likeness to his father in the virtues of prudence, humility, patience, and planning.

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A little about him king of Ithaca, Penelope husband, Telemachus father, Laertes and Anticlea sons.
Once Odysseus and Telemachus are reunited and have returned to the palace Athena continues to ensure that Odysseus will carry out the plan to get rid of the suitors. She starts to rebuild Telemachus’ reputation with the suitors and glamour’s him to make him appear more marvelous than he is (17.67). This is to lend him with credibility because he will later become a key part of Odysseus’ plans. It is as if he could not truly start acting like a man until he had met his father. We will see Telemachus continue this progression of becoming a stronger man until he kills Amphimedon during the fight with the suitors (22.298-300). It seems that the change in Telemachus adds to the drive Odysseus feels to rid his house of these suitors and reunite with Penelope.

The Name of Athena is mentioned 162 times in the Odyssey: ..

Athena, who was disguised as Mentes, was one of Odysseus' friends and spoke with Telemachus.
After Athena has gathered him the best crew she could find, he begins his journey, first by crossing the threshold, with the belief that his father is alive and in good condition.
Throughout Telemachus' journey, he has matured as an adult.


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Because of these actions, Telemachus is an epic hero, one who does extraordinary things.
Telemachus originally did refuse Athena's call to adventure for a few reasons.

The only reason he set out on this journey was to hear about Odysseus' condition.
Road Back
Telemachus' road back home is, in fact, more of an order or advice from Athena, telling him, "Telemachus, it's not good to wander any longer from your home, abandoning your property and leaving in your house such overbearing men, who may divide and use up all your goods.

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His enemies are the suitors, who also test his ability to stand up to them and stay strong.
Approach the Inmost Cave
Telemachus' approach to the inmost cave was when he journeyed to Sparta, inquiring if his father was there.

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Tomorrow you must call Achaea's warriors to an assembly and address them all,appealing to the gods as witnesses."
Meeting the Mentor
As soon as Telemachus meets Athena, she immediately assumes the role of a mentor.

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With both his hands he pulled up the purple cloak
to hide his eyes."
Telemachus' reward is finally knowing his father, Odysseus, the great, Greek war hero, is alive.

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Once Athena tells Telemachus this, he immediately decides to go and try rescue and find his father.
"But I'd encourage you to think of ways to force these suitors out, to rid your halls of them.

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"He was sitting with the suitors, his heart troubled, picturing in his mind how his noble father might get back, scatter the suitors from his home, with honour for himself, and regain control of his own household."

Book 1 page 12 lines 149-153

Call to Adventure
Telemachus' call to adventure is when the suitors invade his estate when Odysseus is missing, and when Athena arrives are tells him his father may still be alive.