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Is TV good or bad or kids? Or is it both? Find out about how television affects your children and how you can control its influence on them.


sábado, 22 de junio de 2013. IS TELEVISION GOOD OR BAD?

Learn the good and bad effects of watching TV on your child's intellectual development.
Now, obviously when you spend too much time in front of the TV, you are wasting valuable time that could be spent interacting with and learning from others. It decreases the amount of reading that children and people of all ages participate in, which in turn takes away from the vast imaginations that many people posses. Some experts say that early childhood viewing of television has had an impact on development. For example, attention problems related to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, more commonly known as ADHD, have been suspected to be caused by early TV viewing. As drastic as that may sound, not all television is bad. Television stations such as Nick Jr. and Disney Junior provide early childhood learning TV shows like, “Dora the Explorer” and “Little Einsteins.” Shows like this are informative and can help with development and can eventually help with reading.

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On the same end of the spectrum are the highly informative and educational stations. This category includes the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, National Geographic, and many more. High school teachers, as well as college professors, use and refer to certain television programs that pertain to topics taught in all different levels of education. So, obviously, if these stations are being used to educate the minds of our nation they can’t be that bad.


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The main point here is that television has its pros and cons. It is all a matter of what is being watched and by whom. A lot of that has to do with what parents are letting their children watch and what we, as adults, are watching in our spare time. Use the TV for good purposes, although you may be watching an educational show, chances are the show will be interesting and chances are you will tune into the same show the next week.