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17/06/2011 · Posts about chemical accidents written by Norman Wei

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Muntjac deer last year caused 42k road accidents and …
I can’t even begin to describe what this has done to me emotionally. Sure, I was hurt physically but am 95% recovered. I was terminated from my job. I am uncertain of the consequences of the accident and my involvement, and have had to retain a defense attorney. I was not intoxicated, and had a clean driving record. It was sunny and the roads were clear. I have absolutely no memory of the minutes leading up to the accident, save one, and that’s of the exact moment of impact and realizing what was about to happen. That’s the hardest part to deal with, being unable to recollect what caused such tragedy.

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My 17 year old daughter caused a very serious accident and injured a man on a motorcycle
I am a very safe driver, the last time an accident was my fault was 13 years ago but that accident did not result in injury. However this time was different. I was at a stop sign and stopped. The path seemed clear to me so I proceeded, but out of nowhere I hit a car very hard. I feel awful because I should have seen the car. I think it happened because I didn’t see him and he did not see me. The driver of the car is an elderly man and he was clearly hurt and shocked. An ambulance had to take him to the hospital. He was awake when they took him in the ambulance and I don’t know how he is doing. I pray that he is ok. I feel so guilty about not being hurt…I actually wish it was me that got hurt. Praying helps but I still feel terrible. I don’t know how to get through this.


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By law, all drivers involved in an accident where an animal has been injured or killed should stop at the scene. They are required to swap details with others involved as well as reporting the incident to local police within 24 hours. However, there are some anomalies within the law that do not make it a legal requirement to stop if you hit a cat or a deer. This is because the definition of an animal in the law covers only cattle, mule, ass, goat, pig, horse and dogs.

Texting and Driving, here are the facts, the simple truth.
I did an accident before 2 months. I was parking my car. My friend got of the car. I was trying to reverse the car but it went forward. I thought my friend was already gone but she was on the corner where I was trying to reverse . I didn’t realise she was there and the car push her and she fell down and broke her leg. We took her to hospital and she had surgery and fixation and stay at hospital for 2 weeks and rehab for 2 weeks. I went there every day to visit her and spend time with her. She was getting better and was behaving nice with me but once she came home after 1 month now she is behaving strange. I am doing double shift work because I need to pay for both if us. When I am at work there is always someone to look after her but now she blame me that she is in this condition because is me. She gossip about me infront of me. She demands me things in a bad way which makes me feel really low. At night I can’t sleep, at work I can’t concentrate but still I am trying do things for both of us but she doesn’t want to understand. I am pretending to be strong but I am not. I am suffocating inside and feel low every day.

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Yesterday I got a text from my mum and I couldn’t reply and decided to go down and pay my phone bill. Although when I was pulling out of my driveway even after looking both ways for traffic as soon as i pulling out of the drive way a car came from no where and i tried reversing back into my drive way but it was too late the other car ended up hitting me. Even though I got off lightly as my car is fine, the other car was not fine at all as well as the guy driving had slight injuries (just a couple of tiny cuts from the glass). Even though everything is fine due to insurance and everything can be replaced I still cant shake this overwhelming sense of guilt that this person was injured because of my actions. I cant sleep, I cant eat, I cant concentrate or focus on anything, all I can think about is the accident and what was happening in those moments. I haven’t left my room since the accident and even though it was only minor I don’t even know how it happened or whether it was my fault. Before the accident I was a very anxious driver (due to something similar that happened when I was a passenger in a car as a child), very concerned about the other cars on the road rather than my own and now I don’t know whether I want to continue driving anymore.

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A year and a half ago, I got in a major car accident for failing to yield left while turning in a major intersection. My chances and luck couldn’t have been worse…it was exactly 3 days after I got my license and MY FIRST TIME EVER driving alone without a parent. I was driving home from a movie with my friend on a weeknight when I failed to time my turn correctly and caused a major T-bone collision. Thankfully the woman and her daughter were ok, and no one was hurt. But the accident caused night tremors for months and I couldn’t have felt more like a failure. How could I have managed to total one giant car and nearly total my fathers brand new giant car?! Most teens first accident is a little fender bender but here I am in this dangerous accident. I felt incompetent and like I couldn’t be trusted. My mother gets overly worried and anxious as it is but with that accident, I was not allowed to drive for MONTHS. By the summer going into my senior year, I had earned my parents trust gradually and worked my way up to eventually using my parents cars whenever they didn’t need them each weekend. Finally, as a senior I was able to get a car to drive myself to school and use full time. I finally was able to be independent and felt as though I had paid for my losses and was completely over my car accident. I wasn’t scared to drive at all and it no longer affected me even a little bit to drive over the same left turn that once haunted and terrified me at the scene of my accident. Then the worst happened again. Round two. My absolute worst nightmare. And guess what, all my fault yet again.