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Margaret Rudin and Adam Sandler dated from 1992 to 1993.

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A synchronization license, is the license that you need to use someone else’s song and/or recording in your television show, commercial, music video or movie. The term synchronization comes from the fact that the process involves synchronizing the recorded music to the visual image.

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Alone in IZ World is a collection of unplugged performances, previously unreleased recordings, and alternate versions of IZ’s best loved songs. Released four years after his death, this album debuted at #1 on the Billboard World Music chart, and charted in the Top 5 of the year-end Top World album chart for three years straight (2006, 2007 and 2008.) The album cover photo is an iconic image of IZ, floating freely in the water and smiling brightly. The album showcases Israel’s solo career, and is a fresh new take on many IZ favorites.


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A mechanical license is the license that permits you to make compact discs or other mechanical reproductions which contain your cover version of someone else’s song on it without infringing on the composer’s copyright. If the cover version you are making is a non-dramatic musical work then Mountain Apple Company will issue you a mechanical license at the rate established by the Copyright Tribunal provided you deliver your request for a mechanical license within 30 days of the release of your album or single to the public. Otherwise, Mountain Apple Company may, but is not required, to issue you a mechanical license.

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Jon de Mello,Israel’s producer and CEO of The Mountain Apple Company

As the 10th anniversary of Israel’s passing approached, producer Jon de Mello remembered IZ’s wish to someday record with a full orchestra and was inspired. De Mello surrounded IZ’s original voice and ukulele tracks with newly recorded lush string arrangements on 12 of his most beloved songs. The orchestral backgrounds allow IZ’s soft and smooth vocals to remain the true star of the album. Wonderful World debuted at #1 on the Billboard World chart and remained in the top five for two years. It truly is a loving memorial to this gentle giant.

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Israel was a powerful live performer, as is captured on this recording released in 1998. This album has tracks culled from various performances between 1993 and 1997, and emits the friendly vibe that characterized him. The connection that IZ had with his audience is evident as he introduces his songs, makes jokes and speaks to the audience as if they were family. Iz in Concert features live versions of earlier studio recordings, plus never before released live performances and spoken word. A true intimate experience with IZ, this album highlights the stunning purity of his voice. His most beloved songs are here, from “Kaleohano” to the state anthem “Hawai`i Aloha”. Iz in Concert is a rare glimpse into the real man and his music.

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As the decades pass, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s legacy grows stronger. His recordings are always in demand world-wide, and are regularly featured in motion pictures, television broadcasts, and countless advertisements. Israel IZ Kamakawiwo’ole singular Hawaiian voice penetrates the personal complexities of our daily lives and probes our musical passions.