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government’s war against the Black Panther Party in plain view; Political Prisoners
Cleaver, a writer for the New Left journal Ramparts and a powerful public speaker, increasingly shaped public perceptions of the Panthers with his calls for black retribution and scathing verbal attacks against black counterrevolutionaries.

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This too, is a part of the Black Panther Party’s ongoing legacy of struggle.
The party's appeal among young blacks was based not on its unrefined ideology but on its willingness to challenge police power by asserting the right of armed self-defense for blacks.


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By the end of the decade, according to the party's attorney, twenty-eight Panthers had been killed.
Also attracting the attention of local police and the FBI, the group declined as a result of deadly shootouts and destructive counterintelligence activities that exacerbated disputes between Panthers and other black militant groups.

That same year, took Carmichael's advice one step further. They formed the in Oakland, California. Openly brandishing weapons, the Panthers decided to take control of their own neighborhoods to aid their communities and to resist police brutality. Soon the Panthers spread across the nation. The Black Panther Party borrowed many tenets from socialist movements, including Mao Zedong's famous creed "Political power comes through the barrel of a gun." The Panthers and the police exchanged gunshots on American streets as white Americans viewed the growing militancy with increasing alarm.

The language of 'Black Panther'

Thus, it is appropriate that especially during this month of October, 2010, an examination be made of the intrepid legacy of the Black Panther Party, what circumstances brought it into existence, and its continuing impact today.

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Strong and active political alliances were also made between the Black Panther Party and other progressive and radical organizations of colors around mutual concerns that affected everyday poor and disenfranchised people---no matter what their gender or color.

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The Black Panthers attracted widespread support among young urban blacks, who wore the group's distinctive black leather jackets and black berets and often openly displayed weapons.

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These programs included , to name but a few. Some of these programs which were first begun by the Black Panther Party, in one form or another, despite the ultimate decimation of the Party by way of the vicious and murderous COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) U.S.

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One outstanding example of this could be found in the establishment of, and support by, the Black Panther Party of the Oakland Community School in Oakland, California.