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We cannot begin to combat this diabolical culture of death unless we first realize what are its underlying roots.

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The title of this conference is, “Spiritual Combat With the Culture of Death.” My plan is to ask three questions, and answer each one within limits of the time at our disposal.

Evangelium Vitae: Spiritual Combat with the Culture of Death

We return to asking ourselves how we believing Christians and Catholics to cope with the prevalent culture of death.
First of all we must do everything in our power to convince these agents of death that they are living in sin and estranged from the God by whom and for whom they were made. They must tell the Lord, as David did, “My offenses truly I know them. My sin is always before me. Against you, you alone have I sinned. What is evil in your sight I have done” (Psalm 51:5-6).


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The most devastating form of this conspiracy is the spread of abortion. Enormous sums of money are being invested to produce pharmaceutical produce to ensure the killing of unborn children in their mother’s wombs. So true is this that scientific research is preoccupied with developing weapons of death against innocent children awaiting birth.

In our country, then, is it any wonder that the pro-death movement has become so entrenched, and the crime of willful homicide not only legalized, but I dare say, legislated.

The Victims of a Culture of Euthanasia Begin to Fight Back

I am saying more than my words may seem to indicate. We are asking ourselves how to combat the culture of death. This culture did not arise accidentally. Its roots go back generations, even centuries. It is not only a matter of converting the openly hostile enemies of human life. It is nothing less than converting a society dominated by secularism. We are living in an age in which the world () has become the only reality which millions recognize. They are therefore blinded to the true meaning of man as a creature of God, whose life on earth is a prelude to his eternal life with God.

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Needless to say, to expect these murderers to repent may seem like a dream. But it is not a dream; it is a divine demand for the promoters of murder to return to the God from whom they have strayed. After all, there is such a thing as a second death which means the eternal loss of the Vision of God in what we had better restore to our vocabulary, namely the existence of hell.


The foundation of this struggle between the culture of life and the culture of death is the loss of the sense of man. Once the mind is blinded to the existence of God as the Creator and destiny of man, man’s life and dignity lose all their meaning.

Pope Francis says corruption 'feeds the culture of death'

In the years after Nietzsche's death in 1900, his philosophy found its way into the literature of all nations where Christianity was established. Names like Julian Huxley in England, John Dewey in America, Ernst Haeckel in Germany, Jean Paul Sartre in France are typical of men who agreed with the author of Antichrist that the Christian faith is at best a pious fancy and at worst the enemy of all progress in the only real world that exists.