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Joseph Conrad uses a doppelganger theme in his short story The Secret Sharer

Definition of chthonic - relating to or inhabiting the underworld

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In Oxkintok the shamans had toconfront the dark side of their soul and to integrate it into theirconsciousness. They had to pass the test of the Labyrinth, to meet with andthan to control one’s internal “devil”; only than were they prepared forcomplete spiritual integration… which would lead them to interdimensional andextraterrestrial travel.

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(Now I open my eyes). We arrive at the border town, ElFlorido. Instead of a place for currency exchange, there are only blackmarketers. Instead of a border station just two dilapidated shacks. Instead ofcomputers, lots of bits of paper and rubber stamps. I begin to negotiate theprice for the next leg of my journey.


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The captain of a sea vessel thought he was whole, until he found out that there was a deeper, darker force operating within his soul. Conrad divides the captain’s soul into his conscious, law-abiding behavior, and his “secret sharer,” a man who has broken the law and has been condemned to death.
It is evident from this that some form of persecution was then raging, in which they were also sufferers, though in their case it did not lead to banishment.

Heart of Darkness and The Secret Sharer encapsulate his literary achievements and his haunting portrayal of the dark side of man. With an Introduction by Joyce Carol Oates and an Afterword by Vince Passaro "
By this time the sun was out and the main secret sale was under way with lots of people queuing to get in. Due to the size of the warehouse for health & safety reasons Abakhan staff could only let a limited number of people it at once and the event had turned out to be very popular. From what I could see the great British tradition of queuing was well under way and amicable.

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Our golden tickets meant we could get into the warehouse for the secret sale between 10am and 11am, a full hour before the sale opened to the rest of the public. This gave us a nice browsing time and both being dressmakers we headed straight to the rolls of dress fabrics and had great fun sifting through them, choosing what we did and didn’t like. All fabrics were priced at 50p a meter and could only be bought in full rolls, so the price depended on the amount of fabric left on the roll. My purchases were:

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Exclusive to their & for one day only, Abakhan’s Secret Sale was a ‘Warehouse Style’ Sale with discounts of up to 85% off normal retail prices.

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There might be a slight chance I bought a wee bit too much fabric but the bargains available were amazing. Dress and house fabric rolls and bolts started at just 50p a meter and could only be bought in full rolls, so the price depended on the amount of fabric left on the roll! To be honest there were a lot more rolls and bolts of fabrics that I almost bought but I didn’t want to scare the bank manager too much! I love wearing jersey, so tending to sew a lot with it, therefore that was what I was mainly on the lookout for but some other fabrics just jumped out at me and had to be purchased! My secret sale purchases were as follows:

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The enormous dimensions of thiscity distinguish it from others, as well as fact that the central part wassurrounded by two walls. (This was a feature of only two other Mayan cities,Mayapan and Tulum.) On the four square miles of its space only a few buildingshave been restored.