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Can you feel the presence of a ghost
Terry buckled me in and I felt like a 195 lb. infant being strapped into an amusement park ride. As the sweat poured off of my head (because the helmet was hot), I said a little prayer before he fired up the motor powering what looked like a giant box fan bolted to the back of the swing set.

Yes, the studies on "remote viewing," and the CIA-sponsored ESP/psychic spying program (called Stargate) are fascinating

Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C
Remember this quote by Thomas Jefferson: "When the representative body have lost the confidence of their constituents, when they have notoriously made sale of their most valuable rights, when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put into their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous to the state, and calls for an exercise of the power of dissolution."


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I came upon this website for a different reason, but saw your post, and what you had described in your post on April 22 had been a similar experience to mine about 20 years ago (also of several of my friends said this had happened to them). I am compelled to respond because I didn't know what to do, or why this happened, and neither did anyone else. One of my friends thought that since this happened at a time in my life when I was making changes to become a better person, that the negative side of the universe didn't want to let me change. I don't know if that made any sense then or now but that's what she'd said. Don't know if this will work for you, but it worked for me. Here is the approach that I took. I figured that whatever it was wanted me to be afraid, like somehow this energy could gain power from my fear. I didn't want to give up any of my power, and expected fully for an Almighty being to help me a.s.a.p. Just know that positive energy, attracts positive energy (so go ahead and create lots of it in your life. Laugh, Live, and Love). Be true to yourself, belong to yourself, and trust in a Higher Power that will protect you from negative energy – then let go of any fear you may have surrounding this situation. You don't have to worry about this, ask and trust your Higher Power (God,The Creator, or however you refer to it) to protect you and to stop this from ever happening to you again. If it helps you to pray, then pray. Pray for whatever you need, any way you need to. Remember that our creator is the the ultimate and all powerful – so any energy interfering with you is not nearly as powerful as your God/Creator, or any Angel that you ask to protect you. If you ask an Angel to protect you, then an Angel will protect you. Take Care and God Bless you.

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While walking up a very steep stairwell in an old house that was newly renovated in WaterMill, NY, something grabbed my right leg below the knee, and tugged on me, almost making me fall off stairs. I leaned into the stairs, and the only person in the room was still locking the back door behind him. It was not him. A few weeks later, we smelled a burning sulphur like smell, at which point my friend began to rip down an entire wall, thinking perhaps a sheetrock nail had come in contact with his electrical wiring. Everything was fine when sheetrock was removed. This smell lingered between two bedrooms that were connected. I asked my friend to pray with me, at which point we acknowledged the presence of an entity of some kind, and performed "spiritual warfare." The presence, smell, and feeling of something being there left. This building had been renovated from an old farmhouse, to a dental office downstairs. The owner/dentist later stated that an older woman had been murdered in the bathtub years prior, and that at least one other patient had reported (prior to expelling of entity) seeing a female figure dressed in old fashioned clothing move from one area of the room through a door that had been sealed off. When I asked the dentist recently if anyone had seen or felt anything lately, she said all had been quiet for quite some time…from the time I believe we ordered it to leave.