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Kaffe Fasset for Rowan, Westminster fibers, Pattern-Forest of Arden, Color-GP103 Grey 25.

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Beautiful photographs – so evocative of mysterious woodland. Perfect for MND.
Do you know Sarah Wager’s published PhD thesis ‘Woods, wolds and groves: the woodland of medieval Warwickshire’? She did much of her research in the Local Collections at SBT and it is a most comprehensive piece of work. It’s on the shelves at 87.2WAG

The Forest of Arden in As You Like It – O Captain! My …

Kaffe Fasset for Rowan, Westminster fibers, Pattern-Forest of Arden, Color-GP103 Grey 25.
Paul felt wonderfully secure, wrapped in a cocoon of reminders.”(140)
Paul takes identity of stay at home partner
Paul taking on a traditional female role in awaiting Emily Emily’s work gloves serves as a illustration of swapped gender roles.
Paul prefers Emily's "gruffer" voice on the recording to her regular voice, which Emily sees as too high pitched.
So What About the Sonnet?
Not your usual sonnet...
My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun;
Coral is far more red than her lips' red;
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.

Basically saying Shakespeare is in love with his mistress, besides the fact that she is uglier than the bottom of a shoe.

The same goes for gender.


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All plays were acted out by men in this time period, and as such, in this play, you would have
, played by a
, disguised as a
, who is playing the part of a
is the norm at the time, and as such, each character must end up with another character of the
opposite sex
, which is what happens in the story
Orlando is made
uncomfortable and upset
by the fact that he is playing in the
of being in love with Ganymede
The 1990's were the beginning of the
gay rights movement;
however, the author in this story, while bringing an aspect of the LGBT2QAI+ community into the story, does not directly present this to us
The story adheres to the mindset of someone in 1993, when the short story was written,
the relationship of Emily and Paul over the
relationship of Paul and Gabriel
The vision of this
impure love
is replaced by what is considered
in this
to the 1 minute mark and then at 3:35

He's the fall guy
Emily holds new precedence

In this play,
love is love
, and it is better than any heterosexual “city” love that is shown…
What Happens in As You Like It?
Someone dies in the city, forcing two young girls to flee into the Forest of Arden, disguised as young man and his sister.

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Only in the Forest of Arden is true love seen… but it does not appear in the form of natural beauty, because no one knows who someone really is.

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Even during Shakespeare’s lifetime, the ancient Forest of Arden was in decline, and I’ve always undertood that all remnants of the forest were long gone, cleared in order to make way for the expansion of human habitation and agriculture.

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When William Harrison wrote his Description of England in 1587, he commented that both England and Wales, “have sometimes been very well replenished with great woods and groves, although at this time the said commodity be not a little decayed in both”. He attributed the change to the increase in grazing for sheep and cows, the need for firewood, and the building boom.

The Forest Arden in “As You Like It” – Dunia dalam …

the "sexless voice"

Forest of Arden
by Hannah Grant
Hailey Goddeeris, Marcus Medeiros, and Jimmy Rice
Visions of Sexuality in the different time periods
By using Shakespearean allusions, Grant uses pastoralism to glorify the relationship between Paul and Emily in the mindset of the 1990's vision of sexuality and relationships.

Not heterosexuality per say specifically in this sonnet, but its use in the short story in context with Shakespeare’s play As You Like It is very comical
In the play,
gender bending
is a common concept, and the characters would have been all male to begin with.

Shakespeare's 'As You Like It'- Forest vs. Court Setting

An article in the latest edition of the magazine of the , though, challenges the view that nothing is left of the ancient woodland. It’s written by Steven Falk, an ecologist with twenty years experience of working in Warwickshire. Surveys and aerial photographs are revealing information about the Warwickshire landscape including the surprising fact that some tree specimens may be over 2000 years old.