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For I the LORD your God will hold your right hand, saying to you, Fear not; I will help you.

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 Palm Reading for Beginners: Find Your Future in the Palm of Your Hand by Richard Webster $9.95

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What hand have the fates dealt you

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Palmists, palm readers, hand readers, and chirologists claim to be able to evaluate your character or future life by touching or looking at your hands. How much can your hands say about your personality? Hard-working persons have calloused hands. Nervous or insecure persons have sweaty palms. People with long fingers may be good at playing the piano or holding a basketball. Persons withdirty fingernails are not clean. Hand analysis may be useful in forensic examinations because fingerprints are unique; even identical twins have different fingerprints. The shape and proportions of the hand can be affected by dwarfism or other medical conditions.


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People have always wanted to predict the future to learn answers to important questions such as: When will I meet my ideal mate? Will I have a happy life? Will I be rich? There have always been shrewd charlatans who, for a fee, purport to predict your future. Interesting stories can be invented using a spread of cards, tea leaves, or the lines on the palmof your hand. This web page provides this type of information ABSOLUTELY FREE using the latestMystical® computer technology: Your screen or mobile camera is used as a scanner while themoving eyes examine your palm.

Can the lines in your hand be used to foretell your future? Not Really. There is no scientific evidence that hand readings, palmistry, chiromancy, or palmreading are of any use except for entertainment. The lines in the hands are formed during fetal development. These lines are deep wrinklesthat depend on the musculature and bone structure of the hands. The location of the linesis different for every person, but they have some common characteristics. Palmists give names such as "Heart Line" and "Life Line" to specific lines, andtraditionally, the structure of these lines is used to tell stories abouta person's future.

Can the lines in your hand be used to foretell your future

Just imagine that you sit down at a bare table. You have no crystal balls, Tarot cards, runes, or any other tools. One by one, people come up to you and you amaze them with your knowledge of who they are their hopes, goals, and desires and your predictions for change in their lives. Sound amazing? You can do it with a little practice and Richard Webster's Palm Reading for Beginners.
Just as a bit of DNA can tell you volumes about a person, so, too, can looking at a person's palms tell you about his or her past, present and future. Palm reading actually entails examining the entire hand. A good palmist will use the flexibility and the shape of the hand and fingers as well as the famous lines to interpret for a person. Such a palm reader will also look at everything from marks on the hand to skin color, and even if there is any hair on the back of the hand to give a reading. You can be that palmist.

There are three things that really set this book apart. First, it has fifty clear illustrations that indicate all of the lines and shapes and where you'll find them on the hand. Second, this book goes into timing, giving you the ability to determine when important events happened in the past and when they will happen in the future. And third, using actual examples, Webster shows you how to put all of the separate items of information together to give a fascinating, in-depth reading.

If you have ever stared at your hand, wondering if those lines had any meaning, this book explains it all. If you have ever been amazed at the ability of a good palmist and wanted to be able to read palms, too, this book will get you started. And if you want to be able to add even more features to the readings you already give, this book is a must.

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